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11/15/2018 c6 Newline
Sorry but no, you can't treat abandoning a child with so little care, James and Lily did not just forget to buy him the toy he wanted for his birthday, what happened should have left marks on him. I'm not saying that story should go all angsty (even if it would make sense) but you can't just have Harry be : "You toss me aside like yesterday newspaper but oh well ! Water under the bridge right ?" your Harry feels like some kind of emotionless robot, events just wash over him without having any grip and I can't feel connected to such a detached character, after all if he doesn't care, why should I ?
11/15/2018 c1 Newline
I hope we are not supposed to sympathize with the Potter. Because parents that can be convinced to abandon their own child in a matter of minutes deserved nothing but scorn.
3/16/2018 c6 10390903-Delete-account-please
That was really good one.
8/3/2015 c6 29Sakura Lisel
Wait... but what happened to Harrys adopted marine family? Plus if he had stayed in the time flux room until he was 17 how old was he when he went in, since he was supposedly well known around the ENTIRE muggle world as being super smart, famous, having graduated from COLLEGE already all by the time he was 11? Plus when he finally came back from being 'missing' with his family, the letter Iris delivered for him said that he was visiting the orphanage he grew up in. He didn't freak out everyone there who knew him as a 11 year old suddenly coming back for his yearly visit as a 17 year old?
8/3/2015 c1 Sakura Lisel
Okay, I'm confused. why did she go to the orphanage to ask to see Harry like he was STILL THERE after the new owners of the Dursley house told her that that they had heard that he had been adopted six years earlier? So what was she expecting when she got there, that the owners of the orphanage would even know where he was now, let alone actually GIVE HER the information of his location so she could do what? Try and contact the son she ABANDONED him as a BABY on a DOORSTEP of her recently dead sister in the middle of fall/winter and try and 'reclaim him' from the family whos loved and raised him for the last six years. If she had revealed exactly who she was she'd be lucky to get out of there before the police showed up to arrest her for child abandonmenr and endangerment. Depending on what the weather was like when the milkman found him the next day, he could have died out there before help came.
6/12/2015 c6 sanbeegoldiewhitey
Not bad, not good either. Draco and Snape were out of character reflecting your fondness for two really nasty characters. Your Harry was a pussy for even re-connecting with James and Lily and letting Dumbledork got off easy.
9/5/2014 c6 Beth5572
I would love to see what you write next. Your a great writer and your stories are great too. Keep up your great work.

Thank you,

12/10/2013 c6 1geetac
I like the chapters very much
8/17/2012 c4 1blueandsilver.phoenix
Interesting, really interesting
7/4/2011 c4 PLEA
6/28/2011 c4 mr and mrs potter
This story is soo good i cant wait for u to update and to read it keep it up looking forward to reading more :D
6/28/2011 c4 2Ofunu
I'm not sure if I want to read this, for one it seems you will have harry forgive his parents at some point and I really can't stand it when that happens because no parent can do what the potter's do in these stories and expect to be forgiven, it's just not right. In my opinion they should bleed and cry before he even concedes to even look at them. And what with Harry already knowing Albus? Anyway, as I said, I'm not sure I want to read this, but I can give it a try.
6/28/2011 c4 Mobozo
Another good chapter. I'm interested in seeing where you are going with this story!
6/27/2011 c1 Just passing by
§§ We traded last minute because we thought no one would suspect him," Sirius piped up. "We didn't tell you because of your furry little problem." Remus lowered his wand and hugged his two friends. §§

They are pretty much implying that they dont trust Remus yet he forgives them immediately.

§§ He had a strange lighting bolt scar on his forehead but Lily brushed off as damage done when the crib took some damage to it.§§

The same thing could be applied to the other twin's mark in his hand yet they dont think about that possiblity.

§§"Harry will get jealous of his brother as he trains for war and Alexander will, no doubt, ask why Harry doesn't have to train," Albus said flatly. "Your brother died to protect your children so it would only be sensible for him to be left with them." Lily blinked a couple times. She and James had a hushed conversation and then looked at Albus.

"It is for the best," Lily finally said sadly.§§

That got to be the dumbest reason and James and Lily are accepting it very easily. Whatever happened to Sirus and Remus? Then leaving him in the DOORSTEP, they not contacting him for about 10 yrs and not knowing anything about him or the Dursely's, you got to be kidding! Then the thing about training, what are they going to train a toddler or any child for that matter, that the other twin will get jealous about?

This story is an epic fail.
6/27/2011 c4 jessirose85
Great story so far xxx

Please keep going x
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