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6/11/2020 c15 J
i'm glad this was written
11/25/2018 c15 7IniTiniNini
Hi, I'm so glad to see you back. As someone who has read all of your stories, I am still very much interested to see the end of this one. Don't worry, take your time I am a very patient. And I totally get you - moving from high school to college, just growing up, it changes some things. For me is the same. I used to enjoy writing (never been good at it, but have a very vivid imagination and had express myself) but now with university I don't really have the time and motivation. And my notebook full of stories sits in my drawer. Anyway, can't wait to read more from you.
11/24/2018 c15 wotumba1
Thanks for this update! Nice to know where you've been. Very glad to hear you seem to be at a better place in life now!
I would really like you to continue this story, but I could also understand if you don't. Do what feels right for you.
Oh, and I have to agree: I'd rather have no ending to this story than a bad one

Whatever you decide... take care
11/24/2018 c15 10Auraya-of-the-White
Aw, falc! You are one strong guy and I'm so proud that you tackled your mental health issues and made it through college. I hope your job situation gets easier on you. Gosh, college and the following years have completed changed me as a person as well - definitely some of the most formative years of my life. If you do get a chance to write again, I'd love to read it. My HG/CM crossover is still sitting untouched on my hard drive. Hope you're still into watching CM! I'll never forget your profiling skills XD

Much love,
5/29/2018 c13 4Ilena Petrova
Sad to see such a wonderful story wasting away unfinished i do hope you will read this and try to continue
5/17/2017 c14 Ilena Petrova
Why have you abounded this story without any explanation at all. Can you try to finish it?
12/3/2016 c13 spk
I sincerely wish you would have continued this story because you are doing a fantastic jobs writing their characters, especially dealing with such a horrific subject. I would have loved to have seen how you handled the reveal with the rest of the team. :)
5/6/2016 c14 Guest
Great story!
I know it's been about 3 years since you've updated but I really love this story. Ever consider starting it up again?
3/16/2016 c14 SeerOfLight
Okay, so I see the date on the last time you updated this, and I know it's been like three years, but you can't just leave it at that! I started reading Secrets this morning, and now I'm here with nothing left! Please finish! Even if it's just some thrown together, short, half-assed, thing that wraps stuff up, it would be greatly appreciated. I'm following in the hope that I get something.
12/10/2014 c12 2jasmine.allgeyer
I wish you could update this story. I want to know what happened and waht will Scott say to JJ.
8/7/2014 c13 jasmine.allgeyer
i wish it added more good start
5/28/2014 c14 jasmine.allgeyer
i think you should add more
1/4/2014 c14 TheHurricane808
Please tell me there's more! I love the dialogue you write here. JJ and Hotch have always held in their emotions so I love that this is emotional but completely believable in how they would act. I really hope you continue this!
12/14/2013 c14 spk
Very happy to see this story being continued. I really like the idea of CM/HG crossovers. I think you're handling the characters very well. Can't wait to read more. :)
9/13/2013 c14 21sugarhigh9394
So glad to see updates! I continue to love this :)
Can't wait for more!
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