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for Sasuke's Goodbye

10/14/2015 c1 16Duesal Bladesinger
This is probably EXACTLY what happened.

Excellent work. I loved it. :)
4/5/2012 c1 1sunfun
Nice oneshot.

8/17/2011 c1 3Horizon Gus Watson
It is soooo touchy and sad... I love SasuSaku...:)... Simply beautiful...
6/11/2011 c1 narutofan
Sasusaku for the win :)
1/22/2011 c1 hpgirl94
aaww this was cute! :) I'm a sasusaku fan and I really liked this!
10/22/2010 c1 heather XD
aww if only the last part would have been true and he wouldn't have gone crazy for revenge.. :(
7/5/2010 c1 5SleepyFox1000
DOn't worry. it was good! ^^ i especially like small one-shots dedicated to friends. i just posted mine for one of my friends. ^^ anyway, u did a great job, especially at the end with the "i'll be back for you" that was sweet...^^
7/2/2010 c1 18kara hikaru
that waz really cute and sweet. but it waz also sad. they make a cute couple! :)
6/26/2010 c1 1Mukukuku
Very good story! :D
6/26/2010 c1 12alexisamidnightrunner
I really liked how you did it from Sasuke's point of view, i really liked it. I think maybe you could have made it a little longer, maybe changed the conversation a little more. But it was still very good.
6/26/2010 c1 4Crowfether

cite :D

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