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for A Maniac's Torment

3/9/2014 c10 Horschler
More fluff! I really love this pairing and there are few too stories, so don't abandon this one, it's good!
2/24/2014 c10 Its all the same
We missed you!
2/16/2014 c10 TallyWolfmantra
Holy crap! Can't wait for more! u
7/17/2013 c9 TallyWolfmantra
Are you going to continue this? Because I'm loving it XD
8/13/2012 c9 mattxmello
OMG I feel so sorry for BB *frowns* did u really have to let his father rape him I understand the abuse and torcher I would like more torcher ( im sorry I love to abuse the characters...ya im a bit of a psycho again sorry) u should torcher him a bit more then L should save him be for anything bad hadn't I love the blood parts *evil smile* but please if u do kill anyone let I be his father don't kill B or L
Oh and dont give up on this story Finnish it dont let the daddy win let L find Beyond birthday ... save BB Tioxc (sorry about spelling to)
BB's life is in ur hand
12/24/2011 c9 1defunct000
^_^ great story!
7/10/2011 c8 24kisshufan4ever
Plz update soon
7/6/2011 c8 20Nolongerberebutcantdelere
AWSOME! Love it! Keep writing!
7/1/2011 c2 80Ratt9
Why was that woman so freaked out? o_O
7/1/2011 c8 14bittersweet-endings-2214
GYAAAAAAAAH!~ You made the next chapter, I'm so HAPPYYYYY!~ Poor B kun, his father is such a shitfuck :(

(Oh god, B was... Pff... "Butthurt"... Ha..)

Sorry, I know, not funny. I love this story so muuuuch!~
7/1/2011 c8 15Lousciousley
I dont know what happened, but that porn turned me on! XD *LOL*

I couldnt breath just because amazed by every words that described how Beyond was raped by his own father.

God...why am i such an evil? LOL I love seeing him suffer.*am a bit crazy, right? :\*

More pleaseee! XD C'mon...i need another sympathy.

Cz i cant wait for Lawliet to come and save beyond! XD

*so desperate*
6/29/2011 c7 Lousciousley
just wanna tell you that i'm so interested in this story. :D

cz i think it wud be impolite if i dont drop a line or two in review box.

But i assure you that i love the plot! XD

Poor Beyond. :S I feel so bad for him. cz I love him! :D *hugs Beyond* Oh, damn you, jerome birthday! You have a 'pretty-cool' looking son and you just abuse him? OwO I cant believe my eyes! *dies*

C'mon L! Save Beyond!

Kay. i'm waiting for the next update. Cant wait for that. XD

(btw, sorry for being later. I'm new at this DN fandom. U_U)
4/2/2011 c7 6Siela Mist9x
This one of the few stories where i feel bad for B. :(

He just seems so helpless and stuff. I can't wait for the next chapter, I hope L finds him.
3/20/2011 c7 14bittersweet-endings-2214
Leaving a review!

Will not abandon!

Now for the actual review:

Aww! Poor BB! Where's L when you need him! D8
3/19/2011 c7 DNfangirl
Poor BB! :C Please update soon, this story ROCKS! XD
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