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10/9/2010 c8 4cb.spica
I was busy so it took me awhile to get through this, but Luciano and Hakou are so cool~ I dunno which one I like better x3

I like the way you finished up the exam so quickly... in comparison to the way I draw it out xD

It's nice how Luciano and Hakou don't focus on the main storyline as much, but focus more on their own. I dunno if it'll stay that way later, but for now, the way you're writing it is good xD

In this chapter, I really liked the flashback! I always have trouble describing battle scenes (which is why there is an extreme lack of them in my story), but you did so well describing the scene with Hakou! I'm jealous D;

I also like those short little excerpts about the girl... I wonder what role she'll play in the future =3

Update soon~!
10/3/2010 c8 1Sofia10Soccer
amazing chapter as usual :D Ur writing is just... wow... good job! u deserve a lollipop! ;) UPDATE AGAIN SOON PLZZZZZ!
10/2/2010 c8 QueenOfKites
8/12/2010 c1 QueenOfKites
Wait, why didn't you put it in crossovers? OO
7/30/2010 c7 10X-Takoyaki-X
Are these little moments of the man and the girl connected with any of the main characters? Ah but if you're going to tell me that's going to spoil the story ^^' I'm VERY curious...Thou shalt reveal the secrets! I'm itching to know who those two unknown people are O.O
7/26/2010 c7 QueenOfKites
Waah... Why did I only start reading this now? You're so awsome!
7/26/2010 c6 QueenOfKites
what's Teino sha? Oo
7/23/2010 c7 7kigamin
Fiou, I'm glad he didn't kill her...

I'm waiting for the next chapters ^^
7/23/2010 c6 kigamin
Is it normal that Gimpkin makes me think of "pumpkin"?

XD the "I give up" part was priceless!

I am sorry for you...

I have a rabbit who died when I was little, and I was traumatized...

I wanted my Mama to make it be alive, but it was impossible, of course...
7/23/2010 c5 kigamin
Now I can't decide who is my favorite between Hakou and Luciano...

At first, it was Hakou, but now I also like Luciano... Since I saw his picture ^^

I love your disclaimer XD

Thanks for the review-replies ^^
7/23/2010 c4 kigamin
Ah! Is that what people call a cliffhanger?

I'll read the next part! QUICK!

XD I'm crazy XD
7/23/2010 c7 1SweetNovemberSkies
I love your style of writing and now I'm on edge, I wanna know more, did she kill her mom? Is that the reason for the regret? Write faster woman, FASTER! I'm not a patient person!
7/22/2010 c3 7kigamin
I really like Hakou ^^

Kyaa! Killua! -fangirl screams-

Can't help ^^'

This chap was a bit rushed, you said it yourself, but it doesn't matter, the story is still original ^^
7/21/2010 c2 kigamin
Luciano makes me think of Baroqueheat and Hakou of Alzeid...

Sorry if I am wrong ^^'

My Killua appeared in this chap -hearts- ! =D
7/21/2010 c1 kigamin
I hate Rhazel's father for leaving her like that in the forest


I like the prologue ^^

I also loved Hatenkou Yuugi, but it's such a pity, it's too short...

A mixture of Hatenkou Yuugi and Hunter x Hunter shall be funny XD
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