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11/28/2016 c16 4moomin warrior
I like that the Beastmen of Dai-Gunzan sided with Team Gurren. We should get more insight to the beastmen members of the ship. It would be funny if one or two of them had a Cockney or and Irish accent, just to be creative.
8/17/2016 c33 1diazr9999
no lease come back this story is good man
12/24/2015 c33 JustAFool
Have you tried the anime No Game No Life and the most recent anime season's One Punch Man? They might give inspiration/enjoyment.

Other than that yeah Real Life sucks at times and good luck. Thanks for all you've wrote until now.

Merry Christmas/Happy New Years or Happy Holidays
11/26/2015 c32 anon
I loved this story, and now I hate you for abandoning it :'C
9/21/2015 c32 TitanWafflesaur
Love it but, where are you?
8/12/2015 c16 1Old Diggy
Why are you calling Yoko, Simon's boyfriend and Kiyoh Kirei's? I know you're shipping those pairs but it seems rather sudden considering that Kiyoh being Kirei's came out of nowhere when, from what I recall, the most affection between the two so far was her kissing his forehead for 'goodluck' (I'm going to pointedly ignore what you implied Kiyoh doing while watching his unconscious form) and there was no mention of Yoko and Simon's relationship being any different than the manga/anime yet suddenly Simon is her boyfriend?
I'm liking the story so far but there seem to be a number of... plot holes? Mistakes? I don't know what to call them. Maybe it's just me missing whats written or overthinking things.
8/12/2015 c13 Old Diggy
I'm a bit confused. You made it sound as if Kirei is telepathic and only just figured it out the day before and is having a lot of trouble getting his 'power' to work. Yet he doesn't seem to be having any trouble 'speaking' to Simon and Kiyoh during the fight. I would question why Kiyoh doesn't seem at all surprised at his ability but I'll let that pass as them being in the heat of battle.
8/12/2015 c7 Old Diggy
Aren't the 'ganman' called 'gunmen'? Unless 'ganman' is supposed to be the Japanese word for it then it doesn't make any sense.
2/13/2015 c11 Guest
I have to say that chapters 8 to 11 were great.
I love how you brought out those new gunmen models, the Enkidras. The description of their body's being bone white, and their faces being blood red, it's so menacing . . . I loved it! To be honest with you, I wouldn't mind seeing the Enkidras in the show, however, I want to say that I would probably see their faces being scratched up a bit. Nothing much, just visible scratch marks for the paint, and if possible visible scars as well, but for the scars they won't be that deep to be considered a weakness. After the fight between the Kazenami, and the Enkidras, I would see the Kazenami being like Kirei during the bath house scene. You know covered in the fluids of the Enkidras after slaughtering them.
I'll be honest, after the fight scene with the Enkidras, when both Kiyoh and Kirei exited the Kazenami, I would have thought that Kittan would have been absolutely pissed, upon seeing his new adopted little brother naked, coated in blood, and worst of all holding onto Kiyoh, and also seeing that she is . . . well in a way naked, and coated in blood as well. After seeing this I can just picture Kittan's brotherly instinct overflowing to the point to where he wants to strangle Kirei while asking questions of what happened while he was gone, and more importantly why he found both Kiyoh and Kirei in "that" sort of situation. Out of all of this I wouldn't see Kittan being that harsh, he's a great brother, and would completely understand. Another reaction would be Kiyal balling her eyes out, and complaining about how she wanted to be in Kiyoh's current position instead. Now for the fans of Kiyal, I must apologize, but to be honest I would see Kiyal being a little perverted when comes to someone who she is attracted to, it just seems more funny. Of course Kiyal's reaction would be the same for the men when they see Kirei in that situation with a beautiful woman, minus the blood bath of course,
Now for the final chapter, I love with what you did with Simon, and I would honestly see him doing that due to both the bitter taste of coffee, and also due to the fact that he burned his tongue. I'll be honest, I would rather see both the reaction he showed on the show, and the reaction you described, on the show. As for how you ended the final chapter I love it, and for the show I could actually see acting as a cliffhanger, well done.
Keep up the great work, and I'll have more reviews, and suggestions later on. Remember, don't you even dare take what haters have to say. Good luck. Signing off.
2/6/2015 c7 Guest
I must say that I'm quite impressed with how you wrote chapters 4 through 7.
For chapter 4, even though it is your fanfiction, it at least describes the events of the Black Siblings' journey until they reached the bath house. I also loved the fight scene between Kamina and Kirei. As for the way Kirei acted towards Kamina, I don't really blame him, after all no one is perfect, we all act like that when our loved ones are insulted. I remember when I was in the 5th grade I did the same thing. Some of the students insulted my brother, and I just flipped out, but I only threatened them with words, and thankfully nothing to be considered serious. I'll be honest with you, I have made a lot of mistakes in my life, and like mostly everyone I regret them deeply, but now I am thankful for those mistakes for all mistakes are lessons that must be learned. Mistakes are the smallest type of knowledge that when learned shall never be forgotten. For when we accept those mistakes, and admit that we are NOT perfect in any way, will we all grow as a better person. For what they say about humans being a young species, I agree with them. Even though we are older by our own age, humanity is still young, and has a long and difficult, but rewarding journey to understand mostly everything while avoiding most the consequences that we have experienced in our past.
I will say this, while Kirei was eating with the two staff members sitting next to him, I'm surprised that Kiyoh didn't even feel the tiniest, and I do mean tiny, ping of jealousy. Now don't get me wrong, her jealousy wouldn't be that considered to being able to literally crush someone's hand like a woman who is going into labor, no offense to all females. Anyway it would be exactly like Kirei's jealousy when he saw Kiyoh with Kamina. As for the two beautiful bunnies that were trying to seduce Kirei, I wouldn't mind seeing them again.
For chapter 5, it was OK, but it did require a border between when everyone was replying to hostess that nothing was wrong, and to the scene change to Guame's command center. Other than that, it was good chapter, but I would have thought that after Yoko gave them both that warning shot she would have also bashed them both on their heads hard enough to them both have a bump about the size of a fist growing, and steaming from the impact while having their faces covered in their own blood due to the intensity of the punch. Other than that, I loved with what you did I loved the intensity of the battle.
Lastly, for chapter(s) 6 & 7, it was like chapter 4, I loved how you described the women's point of view on their side of the hot springs, and their conversation. I also loved how you described Leeron and Rossiu's point of view before Leeron went go prepare Lagann, and Gurren, while Rossiu went to go and explore the bath house. I love how intense the fight scene was for both Kirei charging into the bath house, and for the women escaping the bath house. I loved the way how Kirei was completely soaked in blood, but it was kind of a downer how that bunny behind went down even if she was about to strike him down. Other than that, it was a great chapter.
After seeing the bath house episode, I must say that I love the way they did Kiyoh's hair, she looks good with her hair pulled up like that. I was wondering if you could perhaps create a sequel that acts as both the epilogue for the first season, and the prologue for second season. For it I see it being a 7 chapter story.
Allow me to explain if you want to listen:
• For the first chapter, it would explain how everyone recuperated after the war against Teppelin, & how they all started planning out the future.
• For the remaining 6 chapters, they represent year(s) 1 through 6, each chapter describing their progression through the months(days are not accepted, unless you want to add them.).
• For chapter 7 due to it being year 6, will lead up to the the beginning of the second season, and also exactly 7 years after the fall of Teppelin, after that . . . well, you know the rest.
If you are planning to go through with the suggestion, than perhaps you could have Kiyoh have her hair pulled up for a little while, before she decides to cut it short, but I'll be honest, she is beautiful either way.
I have more suggestions for you, but you'll have to be patient. Keep up the great work, and I'll talk to you later. Signing off.
1/10/2015 c1 Guest
Great story!
1/2/2015 c3 Guest
There is only one thing I have to say about your story, and that is . . . I love it. Honestly I do, what you have created here was a true masterpiece. Now I'll admit that there are a few problems, but nothing to be considered major.
For the Kazenami, l absolutely love how you portrayed it in the battle against the re-con unit. Though I have to ask you, For the description of the Kazenami's body , along with the way it fought, is it similar to that of an Evangelion? I only ask because, the way you described its fight seems similar to that of Eva unit 1, along with the way it produced the combat knife, but if you did use it from Evangelion, then honestly, I don't have a problem with it. I think you had the right idea of using the same fighting style of the Eva's, and the same is to be said about the body. If you used Evangelion for both the body, and the fighting style of the Kazenami, then you couldn't have chosen a much more perfect match my friend. In my opinion an Evangelion is the perfect example of a demonic figure.
I have to go, but for now hear what I have to say. What you have here is a truly wonderful story, don't let anyone dare put you down just because they don't like it, they are haters, and they don't even matter. Don't you even dare let them get you down. Good luck, my friend. Signing off.
11/25/2014 c23 5Paragon Steven
That scene of Prima's death was totally inspired by the death of Kawrou in the NGE series. And for that I applaud you! You are a fantastic writer, please keep writing! And ignore anyone who decides to bash your story. If it isn't constructive criticism, IGONRE THEM!
11/25/2014 c21 Paragon Steven
That Evangelion scene was badass. It toke me awhile to see it but NICE JOB! You combined one of Gainax's beloved franchises and added it into another beloved franchise. But do we really need back story on Kirei? I like his mysterious past, adds to his character. KEEP UPDATING THIS STORY!
6/13/2014 c32 Dickbutt
Poop. Anus. Butthole.
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