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7/29/2012 c7 Scarlet3086
Please Finish! I like what you have done so far, and you really write the characters well. They are very in character!
12/9/2010 c4 genevieve blanc
HaHa Jaspers socks and the bidet. I figured Alice made him throw them out after each use. Nice job. I wonder if SUmmit will screw up the dress, you should e-ail them.
12/9/2010 c3 genevieve blanc
You did such a great job with Charlie. You are very much the writer. It's a great story. On to chapter 4.
12/9/2010 c2 genevieve blanc
Found you when voting for one of the best stories I have read Evermore Experience by deJean Smith. I like stories about the Cullen's and keeping them as they are. I have read so much AH fan fic when I came across Evermore I was totally sucked in. So as I started reading this I thought yeah I could so like this. Jake acting like the ass he can be haha and all my favorite Cullen's just ass they should be vampires. So I gotta go read this High Noon now. Oh and thanks for the link to A Different Forest. I may never see my family again. LOL
9/1/2010 c7 2MarianneNorthmanCullen

Great chapies!
8/15/2010 c7 FeistyPalooka
:( that was so good. I'm really enjoying reading this so far and am so excited to see how the voltouri come into play again!
8/14/2010 c5 1WhyIsBellaTheOne
ugh.. I hope that for once, Jacob has to face the consequences of his own actions.. everyone just yells at him and he's not even sorry.. Let something HAPPEN please. and make it ALL.HIS.FAULT. he's stupid if he thought that there was really a "choice" between them.. and that killing Edward would really mean that he wins. how stupid.
8/7/2010 c7 Meadowgirl552
Great chapter, loved Jessica and Mike thinking the bedroom was the bathroom and "helping" Bella and Edward out, wanted to cry though about Renee...
8/6/2010 c7 Lurecyka
You got a way of writing that I think is awesome. Wow ! What a great story !
8/6/2010 c7 NanStew
8/5/2010 c7 1jansails
What a wonderful, yet bittersweet way to tell the story of Bella's goodbyes to her human friends & family:

Edward whispering in Bella's ear the names of everyone as they depart, the odd thoughts as they wind down & leave the party.

Bella, with tears in her eyes, arms wrapped up in Edward, sighs her goodbyes, & holds onto their love.

8/5/2010 c7 latuacantante4him
Enjoyed it. Cracked up at Jessica and Mike. Liked Edward's commentary on the guests, too. Still want to kick Jake's butt. :)
8/5/2010 c7 twilightobsessed40873a
Awesome. So can't wait to read more
8/5/2010 c7 polyphany
Love it!
8/5/2010 c7 traceybuie
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