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8/1/2010 c8 Jennay
Loved this chapter!
7/31/2010 c3 13tia8206
I love how honest they're able to be with each other.
7/31/2010 c2 tia8206
"(Occasion: irrelevant.)"

Love the asides!

As well as their little tactic for scaring away Jessica. :)
7/31/2010 c1 tia8206
I read this first chapter awhile back but I never left any reviews so I wanted to now. I loved this introduction - how her thought process is so cool and orderly, even though she's having such a hard time coping it's like she's not allowing herself to break down, except for her "unrestricted Merlot holiday." This is a great story!
7/30/2010 c8 eyeon
I have to admit that you scare me when you say you don't know where you're going with this-I really like the story and am SO hoping for a "happy" ending.

Jin is a brave man :-)

Really like that question James asked about whether Rachel would like him :-)

7/29/2010 c8 34DeathByMushrooms
Nice chapter. Great update, as usual. :)
7/29/2010 c8 9Jaqs
Awesome story and such a sweet chapter. Sorry, I'm fresh out of ideas, but I'm loving where you're going with it and have every faith that you'll come up with some good ones.
7/29/2010 c8 4acrosswaters
"Can I ask you something about her?"


"Do you think she would like me?"

owww so sweet, please don't stop writing this fic...
7/16/2010 c7 radicals
Love this story. Love love love. Write more soon!
7/15/2010 c7 27koralina
I liked it. I expected something like that happening. nly I thought it wouldbe heray telling that he was her territory now. But your variant is cute. She loves him so much that she don't want anyone to be flirting with her.
7/14/2010 c7 5adigallia9
Love it! This is so sweet. You are doing a great job. Can't wait for the next chapter!
7/14/2010 c7 4acrosswaters
This beautiful, intelligent, sexy, amazing woman was with him. Wanted to be with him. Chose him.

loveeeee it!
7/14/2010 c7 eyeon
So totally awesome! The part about Miles was just so perfect and hilarious. Of course the rest was romantic and pretty hot. I'm surprised he didn't feel guilty about the brand. . .

The speedy updates rock! Such a great story at a really great pace! Thanks!
7/12/2010 c6 acrosswaters
"So yeah, maybe we don't have the greatest track record, but maybe the idea of the two of us together is so crazy that it'll work."

I bet this it's what Damon and Carlton tought haha
7/10/2010 c5 34DeathByMushrooms
More love. :) Glad you decided to continue, I'm really enjoying. Good stuff!
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