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3/26/2011 c1 AbsurdEnthusiac
This story was so heartbreaking, beautifully written, but nearly made me cry for Edward!
1/9/2011 c1 2musicdaydreams
This was just heartbreakingly beautiful. The depths of Edward's despair...omg, you could just feel it. I love angsty one-shots - non-HEA's. And this definitely fit the bill. I don't know how Edward lasted as long as he did - all those years wanting what he couldn't have. And to have Jasper a part of his life, but not in the way he craved and needed.

I've heard people complain that SM forced this imprinting thing on the wolves and took away their free will, but I never thought it was all that different from the vampires mating - they didn't really seem to have control over that, either. This story completely portrays that dilemma for Edward.
12/13/2010 c1 alicesister
12/13/2010 c1 petiteBiel
Beautifully tragic and wonderfully written. This unresolved sexual tension totally deserves to be continued... Just love it! Thank YOU!
12/11/2010 c1 twilightluvr001
*sob sob* Ohhhh! That was so sad!
12/8/2010 c1 2SeltheWolfie
Wow. That was beautiful. So much angst.

Thank you for sharing this.

Great work.
12/8/2010 c1 maliciouspipi
Yelling at Jasper here. Telling him to stop Edward I know I know it was impossible :((( *sigh*

Sad here but I enjoyed the reading. Very good o/s. Thank you for sharing with us.
12/5/2010 c1 3MaryxWeather
Oh my god...I'm crying here... T.T Actually crying... I applaud you because I do not like crying so I don't do it easily... But your Edward! Gah! This is just so good...

Love it ^_^
11/23/2010 c1 Strae
Oh wow, this was so depressing. Totally felt Edward's pain through the whole thing, I cried :( Great one-shot though, wonderful job.
10/30/2010 c1 2HopeStreet
I'm a little behind in my reading of these one-shots. I totally loved this story!
10/13/2010 c1 21JasperLuver48
that was horribly depressing and heartbreaking yet so perfectly written that I couldn't help but feel the heart break for Edward and jasper's yearning too! Great super fantastic job! :)
9/26/2010 c1 1nitsuAPJ
A brilliantly written piece, as usual for you.

Sad, so very sad though. I wish... I just wish that maybe, just maybe, things could have gone in a different direction. There are times that I'm aggravated that Alice holds so much of Jasper's heart, you know?

Love your words, Kate.

9/23/2010 c1 9xoxocullenluverxoxo
Loved This! Definitely hot!
9/17/2010 c1 venti.turtl
Love this! Love the progression. Love the title. Ack, the yearning. And when Jasper shows up in the woods...gah. Poor E. Great emotion in this.

Love. Love. LOVE.
9/8/2010 c1 16Chicklette
fantabulous, but then, what else would I expect from you?

Thank you, thank you!
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