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5/15/2012 c3 Hammerchuckery
Aww yeah, an update. Thanks.
5/15/2012 c3 Glaziola
And after all this time I still like it. :)

Cant believe its already been 2 years since I was excited about this story.

New chapters of Ichinensei are so rare and FF is almost nonexistent :(
4/16/2012 c2 2Xanthia Sorel
A start to something that sounds like a very interesting story, I look forward to seeing how Ranma copes with a more 'normal' childhood, Yume and whether or not more people from his past will py him a visit.
10/19/2011 c2 1the Original Anonymous
Good God. A Gold Digger/Frankenstein Fran/Dexter's Laboratory reference altogether in an ichinensei ni nachatara/Ranma crossover. I think the universe might've just exploded and reformed again. Speaking of which, it's nice to see something different for a change. Keep up the good work. Your fic looks like a fun read so far. I have to say, I'm curious where you're going to take it.
8/10/2011 c2 7FrictionX42
So I immediately went and read the first 41 chapters of Ichinensei... Thank you for that, by the way, and I am really looking forward to seeing more of this fic now. You've done a decent job transitioning Ranma from the setting he's normally in to the setting of his new home... We'll just have to see how well he manages to deal with some of his newer issues. I'm certain that several of the situations Iori comes across will be significantly different. I just wonder... If he wasn't struck by the truck, did he actually deliver the letter like he'd been planning to originally?
7/27/2011 c2 Myothi
Interesting story, but...

*pokes with stick*

Is it dead? or just sleeping?
4/27/2011 c2 Tiramisu
Looks like some things don't change. I wonder how Ranma will deal with this pedophile.
4/27/2011 c1 Tiramisu
Hm, interesting. I want see how this develops.

I like your writing so far, but the cast's diction is slightly off-character. However, what you have written is enjoyable so I hope you continue.

3/16/2011 c1 sparky555
Feels like it could be a good story, but if there isn't significant character growth in Ranma it could completely stifle it. Just the feeling right now is that Ranma is still in his narrow groove and is never going to break out of it. His seeming naievity is cripling him.
3/10/2011 c2 Cattsith
Poor Ranma. He has no idea.
3/9/2011 c2 6Princess Asuna
lol nice chapter, cannot wait to see what happens next. ^_^
3/4/2011 c2 3tuatara
Well, I was incredibly pleased to see this continued...but, um, here's the thing. Ranma's still in his own body and not trapped in the body of a little girl. That makes it completely unlike Ichinensei (where Iori's real body was still in the lab), and means that the curse still applies and everything. And since you already had Ranma as a child before the accident, then what's the point of dying and being brought back at all? I don't see how that accomplished anything of value. It would have effectively been no different if he'd just run into Yume somewhere.

It's not that this isn't still quite entertaining, but I really do feel like things got a bit unnecessarily complicated here. Now it's mostly just a "Ranma gets stuck as a kid" story with some new characters thrown in. But as a more substantial criticism, the whole thing about Ranma not being able to return to Nerima still doesn't really make sense to me. Compared to a lot of the things that happen in the series, the rationale for Ranma running away here is pretty darned thin. Just sayin'.

On the plus side, you capture Yume *perfectly* in all her mad-scientist-lolicon glory. And her manipulation of Ranma is quite skillfully handled. Cologne and Nabiki would be impressed. And Ranma dealing with a top-notch female pervert is a lovely change of pace.

I had been so eagerly awaiting the continuation of this one, and I did genuinely enjoy it. I would say it's far from a disappointment, though my enthusiasm has admittedly diminished a bit over the way the accident and curse were handled. And I certainly look forward to another chapter, whenever that may be!
3/3/2011 c2 5Orchamus
Pity, would have been better if she was locked, but still, highly amusing.
3/2/2011 c2 hinata hugger
Yume mentioned Gina Diggers, Fran Madaraki, and Dexter. Will they make cameos in your story? Yume having scientific rivals would motivate her to solve Ranma's problems and tone down her perved loli-fetissh.
3/1/2011 c2 Hammerchuckery
It's alive! It's alive! Thanks for introducing us to Ichinesnsei ni Nacchattara way back then. Hilarious manga with lots of racy pictures making it even more hilarious. Only problem I have are the breast size consistency. It seems to have sizes grow larger in every scene. : D
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