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for The Death of a Dream

11/14/2012 c1 SamWinchesterfangirl
Hey a John fic that didn't actually make me totally want to kill him. Though I'm stil not happy with him over the whole revenge thing, instead he should have just tried to give them as normal of a life as possible.
7/6/2010 c1 14Katydid43
Aw... revenge and keeping the boys safe... one would make the other one impossible! Little did he know...
7/5/2010 c1 15ontara
aghhh, that sound you just heard...that was my heart breaking. SO powerful - a wonderful drabble, even though it was painful to read. Awesome work!
7/1/2010 c1 396Amberdreams
So weary he ached with it. Yes, he looked that brutalised even when sitting on the hood of the impala while the fire was still raging, didn't he?
6/30/2010 c1 117Swellison
Very powerful and sad. John's core (corps?) stubbornness and determinatine come thru loud and clear with his mission/vow.

6/29/2010 c1 83sammygirl1963
Aww, what a sad drabble. But you know those were the thoughts going thru John's head that night once he got his boys safe.

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