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7/6 c1 Redmist88
shut up
9/5/2018 c8 79YeagerMeister31
Well this sure was interesting and yay not marrying Mei and had a great lemon with Yugao and had a fight with great gramps huh
9/5/2018 c7 YeagerMeister31
Well that was interesting so he met Mei when he was 5 I mean seriously how can u take anything a 5 year old says seriously and Konan is Kajou's mum damn
9/5/2018 c6 YeagerMeister31
Well this was sad really Mei's a fucking whore he should have kicked her skank ass and threw her out of the village wtf is he thinking I admit she's not ugly far from it but wtf he was with Yugao who's a billion times hotter then Mei I wonder what happens next
9/4/2018 c5 YeagerMeister31
Well that was interesting and a nice lemon/s and karaoke huh Mikoto really needs to learn not to barge into his room lol.
9/3/2018 c4 YeagerMeister31
Well that was interesting and amusing Mei vs Yugao should be an interesting fight if it even happens though, also the whole Naruto and Uzumaki thing was weird but also amusing
9/2/2018 c3 YeagerMeister31
Well that was interesting so Mikoto's sort of like his mum and seeing Naruto and Yugao went into mother mode I guess, now Kushina's here this is interesting Kushina is also technically a grandma and Keisai an Aunt
9/1/2018 c2 YeagerMeister31
Well that was interesting and cute also Kushina's not dead huh but still abandoned her son not nice Kushina
8/30/2018 c1 YeagerMeister31
Well that was interesting if not highly confusing does that mean Naruto's older than Sakura and the others and Mokoto why would she say son isn't Kushina his mum
6/8/2016 c1 clavo
You remove Yugao just because your mood swing

Man.. I dont think you have a plot
5/19/2016 c8 UncleBlackPanther
continues the story
4/1/2015 c8 XanSkullCrusher
Amazing story had me hooked, should have had him been able to take on all 3 revived kages as well as Orochimaru no sweat though.
7/21/2014 c8 Azofeifa
i think that it is KINDA safe to say that naruto's son may be more malevolent than it seems, and his desires has some kind of effect on Naruto's mind. Mainly because it seemed to be all well and good with mei, then when kajou decides that he doesn't like her, it is all over, then things go to hell.

As sure as i am that i am right, i will most likely get no confirmation as it has been three years since you updated.
11/19/2013 c8 4shadowreaperzx24
is there gonna be more?
11/4/2013 c5 Guest
Bleh predictable shit...
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