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9/8/2013 c1 Dragonfir3
Aww I love this fic!
I have to say, Aksel is without a doubt one of my favourite ever OC's. He's so cute and funny.
Currently reading obsession as well so look forward to seeing what happens :)
2/6/2012 c1 6Viviane Renard
Great story! It was nice seeing Aksel in the spot light for once. He must be one of my favorite OCs, you just write him so well.
5/22/2011 c1 Insane Teddy Bear
I'm sorry to bother you, but I can't find the explicit version of this story anywhere. I have no idea what your homepage is, and I tried your archiveofourown and devientart accounts, but I can't find it. I'm not sure if you haven't posted it yet, or decided not to, but I hope that the second one isn't true, because I adore your character Askel, and this is my favorite out of your works, even though I read and adore all of them.
7/5/2010 c1 7Illyric
10,393 words? Good lord, it felt like so much less than that when I was going through this and editing XD.

I love this, and your use of Andelan. But you already know that, my dear lol.

I look forward to more, as always. Wait...shit, that means I have to edit it XD. I DON'T LOOK FORWARD TO MORE! J/k, J/k. I'll talk to ya later!
7/4/2010 c1 32Silver-Serval

Okay. This review will probably be awful. Cause my brain is, like... Mush. That was so hot that it liquified my brain. Well, that and I'm so tired at the words on the screen are blurring. Hah. Pretty great.

Anyway! Yeah. This was delicious. I loved the detail, both concerning the library scenes (especially with one when Arya and Askel talked) and, of course, the smex scene.

I honestly can't think of anything else to say except, "You rock!" And "I missed you", which I'm sure you're going to get a lot of within the near future.

So, yeah. I'll reread this eventually. Promise. But for now... It's time to go collapse in bed.

Kudos on the fantasic job, SK!
7/3/2010 c1 2rAbiDmutt03
i'm back from my retreat! woohooo!

sussiekitten rises from the deeeeaaaaddd! woohooo! i hope this is the beginning of an enthusiastic posting spree! mwahahah. anyways:

now this answers my questions on why aksel wasn't allowed to do any dancing or singing! this was a fun fic and it's really great to see aksel under the spotlight more..mehehe *gets dizzy from flipping back and forth for the andelan translations!

still, i'm looking forward to updates from your other fics..mwahaha..post some more soon!:D
7/1/2010 c1 7The Bunnies Will Kill Us All
Ahh I love the Vanir/Aksel pairing.

Vanir is just... delish. Sexy feind.
6/30/2010 c1 14Phoenix Soar
Mistake in the first scene where Eragon asks if Morzan is mentioned in the book: "Now Aksel was interesting" - should be INTERESTED, ne?

Also, some Andelan translations are not mentioned at the bottom. When Vanir comes into Aksel's room and asks if he's eligible and stuff, starting from SAR EJJIN and all other Andelan phrases that come after that - no English translations. :(

OK, now that I've got all that out of the way, great one-shot, SK! I loved this insight into Aksel's mind. It's nice to see that even with his happy-go-lucky carefree attitude, he's got his fears and insecurities, too. Nice job on fleshing out his character! I'm so in love with Aksel ... I've already said that before, haven't I? ... Well, it still rings true and Vanir's officially got competition! :D

So, thanks for sharing how the Vanir/Aksel relationship started off. I was pretty curious about that while reading Obsession, considering that the both of them were rarely shown to exchange words. Speaking of which, I think I'd have liked to see a bit more of Vanir and his POV, 'cause it was not entirely explained how and when he developed feelings for Aksel. He was interested, yeah, but it still seemed a bit out of the blue for me.

The courtship rituals described here made me giggle. Singing and dancing ... LOL But yanno, I can totally picture Aksel doing that for Vanir xD

For some weird reason, I always thought that Aksel would be the dominant one ... Maybe it's cos of how he's portrayed in most of your fics. You know, like being able to snag any person he wants on the dance floor while Eragon and Co. watch on with amazement; that sort of thing. Kinda gives the feeling that Aksel would be the one chasing Vanir lol But I enjoyed reading this fic. It was different from what I envisioned and it was interesting and refreshing to read (after all the Obsession angst and drama :P Which I'm still looking forward to, by the way *hinthintnudgenudge*)

Thanks for sharing, SK! Loved it. Now, on to the rest of the updates pleeeeaaaasse? :D:D:D


6/30/2010 c1 6chop4tess
That was so sweet! Aksel is really cute and I never knew that Vanir had it in him to be so nice ^_^ I liked how you explained how Eragon came across that vamp book, I had been wondering about that. When Aksel said "that's cos it's in Andelan" did he mean the book was written in Andelan or did he mean Brom's scribbles? Since Eragon knowledge of Andelan is limited I guess he wouldn't have been able to read the book if it was in Andelan...

I know this is an Aksel/Vanir centered fic but I still found Eragon's wish to know more about Murtagh and their bond so cute. Since knowledge is the first step towards understanding, I think Eragon and Murtagh might have a change at happy ever after. Who knows? (well you do but since you're not going to say anything...)

Well done for yet another amazing side-fic to your amazing story, I look forward to reading more from you in the near future!
6/30/2010 c1 55Kiheada.Ray.T
Awwwwww so cuuuteee! Not sure what the last phrase in andelan is tho, but the fic was adorable. I wonder how this will affect Obsession?

Great story, as always, I can't wait to read more!

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