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9/20 c2 The Missing Link
Ohhhh soooo good beast boy is a beast
9/19 c2 Smooth Gorilla
Will you be updating this soon?
7/17 c2 Aneteh3
Awesome and fascinating story. So exciting. Could you please update soon?
5/3 c2 Halofan2117
This story is good and I want more post haste! Plz?
Anyway I like what you did with this I've been trying to find a good venom/teen Titans crossover fic that isn't cliche for a while now with no luck.
And this shows promise good job. Hopefully this story will stay original in plot and design and not become a "evil symbiote possesses one of the Titans and they immidently go on a rage fueled killing spree" I can't stand that! Now it may be because the stories I found like that were just so fucking cringy I couldn't read them. I mean the characters were so one dimensionnal and the plot lines were so full of holes and just all around bad.
This story however is very well written and not cringy at all so you already have that going for you.
And now the million dollar question will this story be shipping beast boy with and of the female characters? Ex. Raven,kitten, Tera,jinx, or any other popular ships that I forgot or I haven't heard of before. Or maybe even an OC of your own creation as long as they are well developed character wise and not cringy but I don't see that being a problem for you. However if the answer is no that's fine too.
4/30 c2 UnsanMusho
I honestly would like to see more of this fic
4/27 c2 Eris
Awesome. Hope you update soon.
4/26 c2 Mr. Ursine
I’m happy that you are still making Beast Boy shift and having venom boosted animal forms. Should lead to some good stuff.
4/25 c2 shugokage
Interesting scene and chapter!
4/25 c1 4Gamelover41592
New chapter 1 & 2: excellent work on these chapters and looks awesome
12/18/2019 c3 Eris
Fascinating story. It’s very exciting and awesome. Please write soon again.
9/23/2019 c3 Guest
Very fascinating. Please continue.
12/31/2018 c3 Guest
So, are you going to start, or what?
12/30/2018 c3 Guest
Please update soon.
12/29/2018 c3 1KingShade
12/2/2018 c3 Digifan303
I hope you do the discord story's again please
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