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7/13/2010 c1 4WhiteNoseHound
Aww. This is so perfect for them.

7/11/2010 c1 44Rockinrobbien
Aww how cute is this. This story has so much potential and it should be more than just a drabble. I was wondering when we were going to see some gates fanfiction and slash at that. Hope to see more
7/10/2010 c1 Saurus
I'm so glad that someone else noticed the definite sexual tension between Brett and Lukas. High five for the drabble! As other reviewers have noticed, it does seem to be more of an intro to a fic than a drabble. I like it!
7/6/2010 c1 13Aibari
fff, I was wondering when I'd see The Gates fic. :)

This is really nice - it's hard to give concrit for a drabble, but I really like the way this was written, and your characterisation of Lukas.

(It does feel like the beginning of a story rather than just a drabble, though.)
7/2/2010 c1 4ema neslaf
finally! the gates has fanfiction! thanks so much for posting this [which was great by the way] and i hope something of mine will be joining it soon!


7/2/2010 c1 10AngelEyes-Shika
nice! hope the next episodes will allow a continuation to this ^^
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