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for Dean's 'WONDERFUL' vacation from the Supernatural

3/23/2019 c1 Guest
Dean seems very OC in this. This had good potential, but no..
4/30/2016 c8 78princessbinas
Actually, Inuyasha can read. In the Final Act episode where the gang is at a fox exam, Shippo waves a "Don't Pull" sign, making Inuyasha so mad that he pulls it. After he does, Shippo waves another sign that says "Idiots will pull". Inuyasha tries to kill him for that. Also, since Inuyasha is the son of a princess, it is very likely that he was taught how to read by his mom.
9/24/2015 c7 Guest
Im confused
10/24/2012 c6 4Juuaichi
Why is the grammar so bad? GOD.
9/5/2010 c4 8littleaprilroses
Awesome chap :D Keep up the great work! ^_^
8/16/2010 c3 littleaprilroses
GAH! Baka Dean and Bobby! Now there going to have to deal with one pissed group of powerful people o.O WRITE MORE! D:
7/27/2010 c2 jessica
wow bobby dean in fudual JAPAN ABOUT to run into inuyasha add more now
7/26/2010 c2 littleaprilroses
Very awesome fic! Keep up the good work. :)

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