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for Chipmunks Misadventure!

7/14/2010 c14 19Brellanette Rocks
Im so sad that the story is already over i loved it like si loves jean like alvie loves britt like theo loves ellie anyway i think you get the point it was really good! ´Ż×Brella
7/14/2010 c11 Brellanette Rocks
Ya go theo unleash your inner demon! Oops sorry I was just uh incourahing theo well anyway you did a fab job on the last chapters and I'm glad to see that there's more!:) ~Brella
7/14/2010 c14 30Winddragon Eternal
Man, I can't believe I missed out on reading this! But what I liked the most was the strong love bond between Alvin and Brittany. It actually tugged at me for a while.

I really hope to see something like that pop up in your other stories, especially the Wolfman fic. Kudos to you! :)
7/10/2010 c14 20Colliequest
Great job! I'd definitely be interested in reading other stories from you.
7/9/2010 c14 Northgalus2002
What a great way to wrap up this story after all that peril. Klaus has been sent up the river and the whole gang is spending some well-deserved R & R in Costa Rica.

I really liked the part where Miss Miller steps forward to adopt the girls. I recalled that Miss Miller didn't adopt the Chipettes until after The Chipmunk Adventure was released. That was really cute.

Most of all, I loved the 'munk/'pette fluff at the end between the couples. Alvie and Britt especially.

I am definitely looking forward to seeing some new stuff from you.
7/9/2010 c13 Northgalus2002
Wow! What a chapter! Just as the cops are closing in, Claudia makes off with Britt and throws her in the drink. But Alvie saves her! That part was downright thrilling by the way.


Now Claudia's kaput and Klaus is under arrest, kudos to Alvie, Jean and Simon putting the hurt on him.

I loved how Alvie and Britt woke up next to each other in the hospital and that they would get a reward along with their siblings.

Well, on to the next chapter.
7/9/2010 c14 3DiceRox09

I dont think I replied more than once, if that.. and I am SO sorry for it!

I've been following this story from the first chapter, and I absolutely LOVE your twist on the ending!

I think it was adorable how they all got together, espeically Alvin and Brittany and how dramatic it was when he saved her all those times.

But I am so glad that you ended it the way you did :P

This was a great alternate ending, it almost seemed like a movie in itself! And you did an amazing job with the pairings.

Most of the time people center on a certain pair about the other two and it becomes whatever the pairings is story.

But I loved how you layed them all out like you did :P

Write again very soon, I absolutely LOVED this story and I can't wait to see future works from you!
7/9/2010 c14 Lady Lilly Crawley
AAAWWWW! i love A/B, S/J and T/E fluff :D it makes me so happy!

im really sad that this story is finished... but im SO excited to read some of your other work in the future. This was such an awesome story
7/9/2010 c13 Lady Lilly Crawley
wow this chapter was crazy INTENSE! Brittany drowning, Alvins scars re-opening, Jeanette and Eleanor hitting Klaus, Klaus's trial and now Claudia is dead? (server her right though) lol! awesome job :)
7/9/2010 c12 Lady Lilly Crawley
holy cow, Klaus and Claudia are brutal! hope Brittany will be ok
7/9/2010 c11 Lady Lilly Crawley
wait a go Theodore, standing up for Alvin! as usual, a great chapter :)
7/9/2010 c14 12FleurTheFemunk
Bravo! This story is like one of the BEST stories ive ever read. EVER!

I said it once and ill say it again...you have extreme talent, you know that. Everybody whose read your stories know that.

Keep up the supurb work!

7/9/2010 c14 5Amon23
OMG! I can't believe Alvin had a gold necklace made for Brittany! How romantic! What a perfect ending to an awesome story! And be sure to tell Vilsy she did a great job thinking of the story! I loved it! I'm looking forward to reading your first story! I can already tell it is going to be great! look forward to reviews from me :)
7/9/2010 c13 Amon23
Awesome chapter! Update super soon please! I can't wait!
7/8/2010 c12 Northgalus2002
Boy, do Klaus and Claudia stink out loud! I can't believe how cruel they are to Britt in this chapter. Klaus especially, since he was pretty buffoonish in the original movie.

I'm glad to see Alvie in his regular clothes again. And that he has his red hat back. Good for Simon, Theo, Jean and Ellie for getting the coordinates of where Klaus and Claudia are holding Britt. I felt so bad for her when her escape attempt failed, I could imagine Britt trying though.

Please let Britt be alive by the time Alvie and the rest of the gang find her. Update soon!
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