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7/3/2010 c1 Adren
Aw Peg, that was adorable. (Just wondering though, why didn't you post the link to the NML? I almost missed this little gem!) I love the idea of anoynomus(sp?) writer; allows you to get into the story better without getting wrapped up in an OC. This was also really creative; having a magician and everything. I've never seen that before, so props to you. :)

Nice work! Keep CTB!

7/3/2010 c1 17Laelyn24
Cute! Thanks for your submission! I like the idea of a street performer and a little Francis Sullivan finding magic to be such a spectacle! :)

7/3/2010 c1 153stress
And I absolutely did enjoy it.

The funny thing is, as I was reading this, I was thinking to myself that this was a great tie in with Prestige. When you posted that that was how Jack became Alfred Borden, I had to squee a little.

I love the way you wrote this. The directness of the narrator's voice, the pride, the acceptance of what he does for a living. How it's magic, and how it is wondrous. The life of a busker, a street magician... such a unique perspective and amazing as usual.
7/3/2010 c1 1Miss Sarah Louise
This was so cute! I love the idea like a thousand percent!

-Sarah 3
7/2/2010 c1 14pen 'n notebook
That was wonderful, really unique. The lines leave the reader with a warm, good feeling. This week I saw Michael Goorjian's Illusion, so to read "illusion" and "magic tricks/magician" made me squeal in happiness.


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