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for Revenge Is Best Served Cold

9/17/2011 c1 7GSYH
Poor Methos, I like him, but I'm still on Cassandra's side on this. Nothing she did to him wasn't what he had done to her. What's more, when it was done to her, Cassandra must have thought it was unending, whereas Methos gets a lot of pain and then he gets to be comforted by Duncan.

NOW they can forgive and forget.
8/31/2010 c1 5ShirukuKage
Wow Cassandra's beyond vindictive, as I recall (though I admit it has been awhile since I watched that episode) she only spent the one night with Kronos and we're shown it being less then the full night.

Now I know that there's no excuse for rape but her revenge is so far beyond reasonable that she almost seems more of a monster than Methos, even worse than Kronos.

Incredible take on this event and I agree with some others that I would like to see a sequel someday, if it's not too troublesome to you.

Also let me commend and thank you on your warning, other authors should be so responsible! Keep up the good work.
8/29/2010 c1 3gem1n12505
A very interesting story, how you can be blinded by vengence for years. Excellent writing.
7/17/2010 c1 4Prowler4
This needs a broken!recovering!Methos sequel. He needs to get better.
7/15/2010 c1 Barranca
I cannot help but think that Cassandra went through much worse than that over and over, but her treatement of Methos is chilling in contrast to the modern civilized society.

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