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for Rosario to Human: The First Year

7/31/2013 c8 Heart0fSt33l
Really good, I hope you update this as it would be a shame to let it go to waste. Good luck
2/22/2013 c7 8Andivia
This is less of a review and more like congratulations. This story that you are writing is quite honestly one of my favourite Rosario Vampire stories on . I believe it is on par with stories like gabriel blessings' In Flight or The Hill of Swords, both of which I greatly enjoyed reading.

I sincerely hope you continue to write such a brilliant story until it's conclusion, because few stories manage to achieve what has been done here. From what I have read I can say that the character development of your vampiric Tsukune is both amusing with his arithmomania and serious with his isolation, the sealing of his powers etc.

Bar a few spelling errors which are easily overlooked I can see no issues with this story, at least from my perspective, as you have managed to balance the original characters and the new changes quite well. So as I stated before I sincerely hope you continue this story, it has interested me enough for me to post my first review and I am sure there are many others that would also enjoy reading until it's unfortunate end.

Sincerely J. Smith / Andivia
1/21/2013 c1 bookcoda
This is an awesome Idea I applaud you great job
8/27/2012 c2 1Mattmaster112
Noone has answered your question yet. I think the answer is devil may cry, as I recognised the name sparda and the demon was very arrogant, like the ones from dmc
8/22/2012 c8 1Mysterious Figure
Very interesting, a very good read. I found it entertaining and very funny. Update soon please. Hoping for some specific chapters; like the parents day, and meeting the Aono's. Maybe even meeting Kokoa. But still nice job on this piece, keep it up.
8/18/2012 c8 17Rialga
Wow, great stuff here. Like how Tsukune decided to tell Moka the truth about what happened unlike in the manga, they withheld the truth from him until he nearly died. Also like how he took down Rikishi and put him with Kuyo like that. And damn, Saizou is making a bit of a turnaround here. Wonder if his relationship with Tsukune will improve to the point where they are actually decent friends. And maybe then, Saizou will give up his old ways. That'll be interesting to see.

Looking forward to the next chapter.

And dude, I am so damn sorry for not messaging you. I assumed you just stayed off this site or something happened to you. I'm such an ass. Hope you're doing well.

P.S. The franchises you gave a bit of a shout out to in this chapter were Castlevania Lord of Shadows and DMC 1,2, 4, and 3 in that order of locations listed.

And judging by your little hint in the ending author's note, you're either talking about Moka being a shinzo vampire that is currently awakening Alucard, or you mean Tsukune being able to counter Akuha's attack with that new energy-ish move of his. Either that or Akuha's attack in general.
4/30/2012 c7 4kuro-hebi13
awww... poor kuyou... what's with the stick anyway? is it placed where i think it is?

please update soon it's quite an interesting story...
12/11/2011 c7 Hellsender
Dude, out of all chapters I've read, this one tops out so far. Brilliant dialogue, where do you get it?
11/24/2011 c7 Nghtwng77
No Granny I don't want to wear the pretty pink bow...EPIC!

This chapter was awesome. Tsukune being able to turn Kuyo into a "pretzel" and then Moka pull off a superkick. I can't wait for the fallout.
11/23/2011 c7 17Rialga
Thanks for the shout out, man, I really do appreciate it. Now if only Gin didn't eat that steak. But at least Tsukune gave him a good pummeling for me afterwards.

Now as for the chapter, it was awesome. A perfect blend of seriousness and humor. Man, I so enjoyed it when Kuyo pissed off Tsukune. Chances are he won't be regaining his senses for at least a week after what Tsukune did to him.

Looking forward to the next chapter.
11/23/2011 c7 5Kurasabe
you sadistic bastard...

Who am I kidding, i love what you made tsukune do to Kuyo!

keep up the good work and update soon please
8/12/2011 c6 Kevin Manly
Good story,have not see a story like this and it is very entertaining hope you continue it.
7/30/2011 c6 1Toby860
very great story it allows us to view the whole story in a whole different light. kudos to you it is amazing
7/27/2011 c6 Xivitai
What if Tsukune turns Moka in vampire on purpose?
7/16/2011 c1 StigmaReborn
This story would be golden and you would have been ass high in reviews if not for your annoying OC. He brings nothing to the story, but an unwanted distraction. Hell, I put up with Koumori just out of pity. Although it would have been better if Tsukune came alone and had to deal with everything on his own and unaided. However, you just had to toss in Kichirou. He's just a third wheel and once again that famous saying three's a crowd. Five Cheeses's review was spot on with his assessment of your OC.

Some people will never understand that there's no need to insert yourself into a story and you've yet to learn it. What a shame because it would have been a good story if Kichirou wasn't in it. Good luck with it anyways though.
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