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for More Than Just a Clone (Not Just a Copy of a Man)

5/27 c20 Guest
strange as I recall Twi'leks and humans can have babies

has at least two hybrids in clone wars and one at the end of rebels
2/7 c7 thenameless15
In my headcanon, Palpatine used a Sith spell to make the clones kill the Jedi, with the chips acting as a conduit.
9/28/2021 c24 Guest
Not Republican Army, Republic Army or Grand Army of the Republic.
The abbreviation is not RA, it is GAR.
6/27/2021 c55 tgranger2004
Is there going to be a sequel?
4/13/2021 c1 4iacopo.passerini
Uno dei momenti più cupi e terribili!
1/24/2021 c12 Pokoj11
Wtf man? can't you do it shorter?!
1/24/2021 c5 Pokoj11
Eh why this have M? i don't see sex?!
12/9/2020 c1 10DarthTenebrus
Well, as girlfriends go, Bly couldn't have picked a better gal to hook up with than a hot and fit Twi'lek chick, and a Jedi to boot! Just wish it had been under better circumstances...
12/8/2020 c1 imveryhungry
bly was nooooo she too sexy to die!
11/3/2020 c55 Caver Floyd
Good story. Everyone loves Ayla Secura.
8/8/2020 c5 Daniel-palacio
Realmente esto me puso cachondo jajaja realmente me encanto este romántico momento rayos aveces incluso me imagino en el lugar de bly realmente muy bien ff Bro n.n
6/28/2020 c25 16JediRhydon
I don’t want to be criticizing, but you have Bly’s CT number wrong. Bly’s number isn’t Alpha-17, it’s CC-5052
6/7/2020 c55 3Bad Wolffe
Wow, I remember reading this story a few years back before changed some of the rules. It was epic then and it is epic now, one of the best if not the best Aayla/Bly fics ever created.
Thank you so much for writing this!
5/12/2020 c55 Edward W
Had me in the last chapter, not gonna lie. Great story!
5/11/2020 c18 Edward W
Who exactly did those accounts belong to? If it's senators, siphon away! If it's normal citizens, Jaing is an asshole.
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