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1/12/2012 c21 159Marcus S. Lazarus
An original and intriguing concept lead into a highly engaging story; congratulations.

The idea of exploring the history of the pirates who became the Telmarines is one of those ideas that so few people really seem to explore, and your abrupt start created some very interesting possibilities even if it raised a few more questions.

Admittedly, I’d think that Susan would take a BIT longer to start disbelieving her memories of Narnia than this- personally, I think that she probably started rejecting her memories after Lucy and Edmund’s return trip confirmed that SHE wasn’t going to go back-, but that aside the situation was definitely interesting, and her response upon her return to Narnia and reunion with Reepicheep was certainly effective.

Still, the circumstances that lead to the Pevensies and Caspian meeting Jack and Elizabeth were rather interesting, to say nothing of Jadis’s resurrection (I assume her soul was just drawn back to her original world after her demise?) and the reference to “The Magician’s Nephew” to account for her resurrection.

While I would have liked to see Lucy or Greenroot’s initial reaction when they learned about the curse placed on the ‘Black Pearl’ and her crew by the Aztec gold, their subsequent captivity on the ‘Pearl’ was rather interesting- Jack continues to be VERY hard to predict to any degree, although I do think there are a few occasions where he’s talking about his allegiance and motives where he could be a bit more succinct than he is-, and the latest curse-related twist is DEFINITELY going to make things more difficult...

Hope you update soon; with the possibility of the Caribbean crews about to travel into Narnia, things are unquestionably about to get VERY interesting (If nothing else, I wonder what Jack will have to say to an actual GOD if/when he and Aslan end up coming face-to-face?)...
12/18/2011 c20 11Koraki
This is, in all honesty, probably the best crossover I've ever read...and I've read a good amount of crossovers. Your writing mechanics are very nearly flawless, your dialogue is fantastic, and the multi-faceted plot is to die for. I especially commend you on your perfect characterization - it's rare to find a fanfiction, let alone a crossover, in which every character is nearly identical to their canon selves. Your OCs are amazing; I love them all, even the villains, though I think I'm developing an especial soft spot for the adorably obstinant Locust.

Suffice it to say that I'm favoriting this story and look forward eagerly to your next update! I cannot wait to see which direction this wonderfully detailed plot will go next.
12/18/2011 c21 ike3
I couldn't stop laughing at the mental image of cursed!Edmund with all the weapons stuck in him xD
12/15/2011 c21 18mae-E
this is an interesting chapter. so what will happen now they are fighting? can aslan be able to lift the curse from edmund? oe will they have to return to the other time and repay the blood debt to the aztec chest? should be an interesting to see how the fight turns out.
12/12/2011 c21 6Kellsabelle
Hey this was awesome! Poor Edmund the pin cushion though!

Keep upheld fabtastic work because I can't wait to see what's going to happen and how they'll get out of this mess!
12/12/2011 c21 9Kelana-ti
we are no longer weaponless... *pull sword out of Edmund* LOL. Awesome.
12/12/2011 c21 4SkyCastle10
You updated! I'm so glad. Lots happening in this chapter. I like it! Update soon, please!
10/8/2011 c20 6Kellsabelle
This was seriously fantastic and I love all of it. You managed to weave the two worlds together seamlessly. It was awesome!
8/23/2011 c20 SoozRQ
Oh yeah! Pirates are gonna have to go to Narnia now! That's going to be interesting XD

I have to thank you for writing such a long chapter! I really enjoyed all the plot-twis, even though some things that Jack does/ says gives me a headache, but that's who he is :P

Keep up the good work! ;D
8/23/2011 c20 24lillelouis
Well it was slightly odd. It was a long build-up and a very strange back and forth yo-yo thing between the prisoners escaping and being trapped. Very nice dialog though it was frustrating that it too kept moving one step forwards and two steps back. Very well written and funny as hell, don't get me wrong. Couldn't have done it myself, but still made me wanna rip my hair out. ;)

Good choice to have Edmund snag a coin and a curse for himself. Gives him an advantage against Jadis. Can't wait to see the pirates' reactions to the Pevensies in their 'natural' environment. You write them all so very well, but I have to admit that Edmund is my favorite (such a shock, huh?).

And the ship jargon sent my brain spinning. Very nice though it might as well have been written in Latin.

Keep rocking. This story is one of a kind and a joy to read. Cheers. Andi.
8/22/2011 c20 18mae-E
an interesting chapter! i liked the little part with susan and caspian.

So ed's little moral lesson backfired on him. him being cursed and called back puts a crimp in the pirates plans. will aslan be able to free edmund from the aztec curse? if he can not return his blood and coin to the chest? will being cursed work in his favor when dealing with the white witch? I liked jack's coment of long live the king. and also edmund telling him that he isn't the younger generation.

if will and elizabeth make it to narnia will lucy's cordial be able to save will? can it even effect him while cursed?

you did a good job. i like how lucy told elizabeth that they still had aslan on their side so they will win.
8/22/2011 c20 EgyLynx
so this is "movies" versions? But i not found anyone oom too much... Intresting names at chapts...
7/26/2011 c19 34yourfriendlyneighborhoodturtle
This is a really good story. It's one of the best Narnia crossovers I've read, actually. And I really hope Jack's crew and all the good people aboard the Black Pearl realize what Jack's doing. Please update soon.
7/8/2011 c19 Anon
Poor Mel.

I'm wondering if you're gonna do it the Lewis Caroll way and make Arnold walk the path of redemption from snottery brat or not at some point. Things keep getting worst for the heroes.
7/5/2011 c3 12Phantom Dennis
At first, Mel acts like Marsh Wiggle, then she acts like the Doctor.
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