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9/23/2010 c6 17summerrayah
Yyyaaayyy finally captain jack sparrow
9/17/2010 c5 18mae-E
an interresting story. just one question, if this stroy is in the crossover section, when does the crossover happen?
9/17/2010 c5 38IvoryMoonlight
quite interesting so far. i can't wait to see how the pirates of the Caribbean stuff will be worked in!
8/9/2010 c4 18mae-E
an interesting story so far.
8/2/2010 c4 8Pretty Racing
ha, i love it! I love the style its written in and the quirky behaviors of the characters (especially Susan!) Please keep writing more! :D
7/26/2010 c4 13JovianJeff
Awesome, awesome, awesome! These were -great- transitions and didn't ignore what had been told before. Loved Susan's disbelief and Reep's rescue of her. They were all wonderful to read how they made their transition and the possible explanation of why, again given what they had been told before. Thanks for the chapter!
7/21/2010 c3 JovianJeff
Magnificent! I hope you update soon! I love Mel! You've captured Marshwiggles at their best. You've set up the story quite well, brilliant use of everyone I've seen. Your writing has a nice addictive quality to it, once I get started reading it, I want to take in every word without a hint of a temptation to speed read as I might a 'few' other authors (meaning many). Looking forward to this grand adventure and you have even gotten to the Pirates yet! Love this and thanks for writing it.
7/21/2010 c2 JovianJeff
That was utterly so sad, well written, GREAT work, but so sad. Which means you did an outstanding job!
7/21/2010 c1 JovianJeff
Well done! I fell in love with the story from nearly the disclaimer, and then it continued to amuse and amaze me. I never thought anyone could write a chapter about boredom and be interesting, mix in the feelings for lost love and it hooked me. I can only hope the chapters to come are as good as this beginning.
7/10/2010 c1 17summerrayah
haha poor caspian plz update soon
7/6/2010 c1 183Qoheleth
Dear Britannica:

I just want to say that, if you deliberately wrote that second paragraph to suggest the passage in "That Hideous Strength" where Lewis talks about "the one sense in which every narrative is false", you did an excellent job. And, if you didn't, all I can say is it was a nice bit of synchronicity.


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