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for The Wrath of Navarog

7/12/2011 c2 hhhhhhyyeah
You are going to say the Sphinx used the Drakesoul to turn into "Gavyn". Thats fairly obvious.
12/22/2010 c32 17PatonxJulia
Ooooooooooooooooooooo! That was good!
12/12/2010 c9 PatonxJulia
Bright sounds awesome. And so does Vennesa's fairy. Can't wait to see what you do next.
12/1/2010 c1 1Gretta99
Interesting premise for a story. Your writing is well done, and enjoyable, but I have a hard time with your characters. They're just a little too OOC and random for me. Please don't take this as a flame. I might come back and finish reading this later, it's just that I recently finished rereading the Fablehaven books only a day or two ago, and your characters don't exactly connect. Except for maybe Seth, he's pretty in character. Please don't take this as a flame. It wasn't meant that way at all. I believe that fanfiction is a place for us to develop our writing talent, and I'm doing what I expect other people to do for me when they read what I write.
11/6/2010 c26 ArtsieChick72
your story is awesome! can't wait for more!
11/1/2010 c7 3nightshadow23
i love this! you're awesome! navarog seems just a little ooc though. i dont know. i still love it! KEEP WRITING MORE WORDS!
8/15/2010 c9 Tie-Dye Feathers
i love your story, you use a lot of detail!
7/28/2010 c6 6capricorn66
O_O Woah. Did not see that one coming!
7/21/2010 c1 Mew-chan
Awsome! Can't wait for more!
7/17/2010 c3 max
cool. i like the idea of most of the artifacts... but the accelerator kinda sounds like the chronometer. other than that, its really good.kinda sounds like something Brandon mull would write
7/14/2010 c3 Coolness
Very good story so far ^_^
7/14/2010 c3 Guest
Where's Navarog?
7/14/2010 c3 capricorn66
Mrs. Sorenson's name is Marla?

Personally I've never experienced jetlag, but then again I don't fly...

Nice chapter and I believe next chapter will have some action in it?

Please update!

7/11/2010 c2 capricorn66
Hahaha! Seth has to see a therapist! I also loved how you made him call himself "second fiddle" ... or something like that, in the books I did notice that everything Seth did Kendra something better, it was rude.

Anyway, very inventive instruments of eternal power. I would never be able to think all of that up.

As always, update soon!

7/7/2010 c1 capricorn66
I really hope you continue this story because people don't seem to like updating their Fablehaven stories :(

Also I enjoyed the fight between Kendra and Seth, it made me laugh at the donkey part!

I hope you include some of Seth's awsome shadow charmer abilities later on! Seth is my favorite character ^_^

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