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for Naruto: Sand And Ink

11/14/2016 c2 water ice darkness
make another or part two
7/27/2014 c2 4PeachyPanda-chan
Oh my Jashin this was nineteen thousand layers of beautiful. Please keep it up, I'm so in love with this ship I can't even. You're writing is beautiful. Can you be the GaraSai Kage please?
4/25/2014 c2 Guest
This was very good. Keep it up:)
1/8/2013 c2 6Deta Henkan
I can, hesitantly, see this. Then again, it could just be me still wrapping my head around the idea. It's definitely a contrast to the ones with Matsuri (which makes me wonder whether there will be a drabble or bonus drabble with her reaction).
A nice collection and what little I know of Sai does include him not having a stop button, which does lend itself to a number of social experiments. Add that with Gaara's wanting to understand (at least on the social aspect), it can be rather easy for Sai to get away with a lot. From there, something can easily grow...
Starting to understand it and waiting to see more.
7/8/2011 c2 niina
i don't know why i haven't thought of them sooner. they are cute =3
10/7/2010 c2 6The Book of Counted Sorrows
Another beautiful set. I especially loved #3 and #10. ^_^

I really should write a few SaiXGaara stories, but no time. XDD

Lovely as usually.

- The Book of Counted Sorrows aka Blithe
10/6/2010 c2 Lucy Ash Hawthorne
i love it!
10/6/2010 c1 Lucy Ash Hawthorne
10/4/2010 c1 1LazyGC
Wonderful portrayal of the characters. I'd give you a detailed review but it's 2 in the morning where I'm at and I woke up feeling extremely sick like... 30 minutes ago, so...

Oh, and about this segment:

""Yes," he paused to search for the proper explanation, "Our situation might be suitable to... that of a romantic relationship.""

You might consider replacing 'suitable' with 'comparable.'

8/30/2010 c1 CuddlyChristina2004
Wow, it's been a while...I'm really glad to see you doing Naruto stories too. I have same pairings you might like: NaruXHina and SasuXSaku. Maybe you can do some stories about either one of them. Until then, see ya later! ^_^
7/8/2010 c1 Fire x Ice
Very lovely. It's nice to see this pairing more. I do think they fit each other rather well, although I like both of them with Naruto as well, but still pretty cute. Thanks for sharing 3.
7/7/2010 c1 6The Book of Counted Sorrows
This is absolutely wonderful, and the scenes are lovely. 3

I especially loved number four. It made me laugh so hard, because Sai would so do that to Gaara without any explanation. XD It's a good thing Gaara doesn't overreact! XD

Oh! And the last two were ! Made my Sai muse smile. ^_^

Thank you for the beautifully written drabbles. I'm glad you like the pairing as much as I do. Now I need to write something on these two... when I have some time. _

Anyways! Wonderful piece! This is definiately going into my faves. \o/

- The Book of Counted Sorrows

a.k.a Blithe ^.^

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