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for Sneaking Around Konoha

1/29 c39 Bambina-belle
loved the story. Thank you for writing it n finishing it.
9/1/2022 c39 Heyo
Thus was beautiful and amazing from start to finish thank you so much!
6/28/2022 c39 3sami1010220
Super cute! Honestly I expected more conflict, but I liked the very stable relationship between kakashi and harry. Fantastic job!
2/15/2022 c15 Eragon135790
ah, the follys of the dead, always only thought well of, lupin wasnt a good person and a shitty father when he was alife and had he lived would probably have been even worse and loaded many of his insecurities and problems on Teddy, im happy he is dead. like the ff so far,
2/15/2022 c14 Eragon135790
really like the ff so far, tsunade telling harry not to speak of things not known i really like, dont nkow yet what to think of the new backround given to the tailed beasts. no knowledge is ever truly lost, it only becomes unknown for a while. like it that harry took no vow and that he never really went into what he can and cant do, always dislike it if he just tells them his abilities.
2/15/2022 c1 Eragon135790
like the ff so far, does harry have some sex magic? it would be strange if he didnt and with how he seems to have sex regularly it would come quite handy as long as he doesnt make its use obvious.
12/13/2021 c39 Cassa-Andra
Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with me! It has been a favorite that I read and come back to again and again over the years. I was so excited to discover it was finished (and a tiny bit sad). Again, Thanks for sharing your creative talents, your time and efforts with me - I adored the work.
10/16/2021 c7 Stolid-Scholar
I want to like this story but so many of the scenes don't make sense. Asuma dislikes Harry because...? Tsunade comes to the conclusion Harry was leading the chunin on despite the bar being full of people who seemed clear on what happened because...? Kakashi doesn't think Teddy has any special bloodline despite being told he had to become a Shinobi to control his strength because...?
9/12/2021 c1 4everfictional
I wonder who will be his new teacher. ;3
9/8/2021 c39 11Mukuro234
Awesome fic!
9/8/2021 c39 1Beautiful Obsession 17
I adore this story so much! thank you for sharing it with us.
8/21/2021 c39 Tetradical
6/24/2021 c39 forestreject
6/20/2021 c21 3Steve-Arkarian
Harry mentioned werewolf and wizard in talking about Teddy, but I'm pretty sure I missed the part where he actually told Kakashi about magic. Last I knew Harry and Teddy were extremely careful not to mention anything to do with magic whatsoever and blurting out the word wizard kind of kills that.
6/19/2021 c19 Steve-Arkarian
Ummm, not to be a spoilsport but earlier in this story you stated that Harry kept absolutely no alcohol in his house except for wine that he used for cooking because of Teddy and that Teddy didn't even like the wine. You were seeming to try and make it perfectly clear that no alcohol would be allowed in the house and that's why Harry went to the bar. Yet now he supposedly is fully stocked on alcohol? What?
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