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7/7/2010 c1 dogtanian
hehe it's great, it's really cute! and funny too, i like it - you should branch out more often :D
7/7/2010 c1 13SMacked Hard
Aw, I loved it! :D Please, update soon :]
7/7/2010 c1 36webdlfan
Sweet! And you managed a cliff hanger right there at the end that was absolutely awesome. Or maybe not a cliffy, but a definate humorous moment :p ... I loved the banter there between Danny and Lucy. I think my favorite moment was when he sat down and put his feet to hers. Awesome!
7/7/2010 c1 14Ballettmaus
So... working up the enthusiasm to write a review... I want my efforts appreciated, too, please ;-)

Okay, just kidding because it's not too hard to find the positive things in the story, just finding the enthusiasm is a little difficult right now... My mind's sort of blank.

Anyway, let me start with this: I still love that scene with the shoes. It's such a cute idea, so child-like. Absolutely perfect. The way Danny handles it... Great. I could read over it over and over again.

I have already said it, but I like how you show her mood changes. How she despairs over lunch and then dashes off and is in good spirits again.

I like the beginning of the story, how Danny answers the question to himself and Lucy's protests.

You've got a lot of cute ideas in here and you made them work out really well :-) (though, of course, I prefer the second part ;-))
7/7/2010 c1 12Forest Angel
I loved it. Typical childhood attitude, I think Danny did well, compromise and choice all rolled into one. I'm waiting to hear Danny's response to her question, let's see how he handles that. Sometimes no matter how hard you try to be serious, a child's antics can really make you laugh.
7/7/2010 c1 uscrocks
Lucy is so cute. The last line rocked.
7/7/2010 c1 5brinchen86
First of all, I think you have to be one of the sweetest persons on this planet. Or in the whole universe! Thank you so incredibly much for writing a story for me! And then even a Danny, Lindsay and Lucy fic! Thank you so much!

As I told you already, I love this story so much. It is so incredibly beautiful. You should write them more, because you are so good at it! You're writing them so in character, which I find so fascinating!

How adorable is Lucy? She is clearly Danny's and Lindsay's daughter. LOL She is kinda stubborn. Especially when it comes to her shoes obviously. ;) Two different ones? Ah, Lucy, try and walk on them! Or maybe she just wanted Daddy to carry her? ;)

I love how Danny got the visiting hours from Lindsay; I bet he would have totally messed the time up and all. LOL I can imagine she didn't like the idea too much to let him do all that while she was at work. But hey, he showed what a great Daddy he is in here. I love Danny's interaction with Lucy. I can totally see that happening just like that! And Lucy is a little drama queen; threatening her poor Daddy with crying! Hahaha! I'm amazed he actually got his will here, because I bet Lucy and Lindsay know exactly what to do so Danny does everything they want. ;) I guess with the years he learnt how to say 'no' to a child. LOL Although I guess it was a hard lesson for the both of them. You wrote this scene so funny! I always knew you are fantastic with humor. ;) And with fluff as well!

It's so sweet that Mac and Stella have a child in here and that they are on their way to visit them. Well, the team is one big family, and you know how much I love that about them!

I can so picture how he held her hand tightly as there were so many people and Lucy just kept on chatting. She surely entertained everyone. LOL Just Daddy was so busy that he didn't really listen. Until she asked a certain question I guess. ;)

You really love your cliffhangers, huh? That was so a cliffhanger as well! Hahaha! What a question, I guess that is the question every parent fears! And where every parents never has an idea of how to answer! You left the story at a fantastic moment, and even though I know what will come next, I can't wait!

This story is so fantastic, so full of fluff and love and all! You're so incredibly good with writing fluff and humor and with writing Danny, Lindsay and Lucy! I love this so much! And even more I love that you did that for me! You're such an amazing friend, such a brilliant and talented author and such a wonderful person! I'm proud and amazed that you wrote a fic for me, and I can't thank you enough for it. So again, thank you so much!
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