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for If I Was In The Akatsuki

8/8/2011 c6 Lucy Ash Hawthorne
8/8/2011 c5 Lucy Ash Hawthorne
oh boy
8/8/2011 c4 Lucy Ash Hawthorne
8/8/2011 c3 Lucy Ash Hawthorne
8/8/2011 c2 Lucy Ash Hawthorne
8/8/2011 c1 Lucy Ash Hawthorne
4/5/2011 c11 3Deathanimated995
love the story and could you read my story and tell me if you like it and if I can inpruve on my storys
11/4/2010 c11 5Yoru and Joker 4ever
Yaaaaaaaa!Happy day Happy day.HAPPY DAY!
10/23/2010 c11 1KamiKari519
Lol, I luv it, Anna! XDD
9/6/2010 c10 6WraithReaper
OMG! This is hilarious! By the time a year is up they may be twitching wrecks!
7/21/2010 c10 11etsunara
Wait, so we don't get to know what the everyone else got? And where was the prank in this? Or was it just Zetsu having to be the tree?

Well, it was an okay chapter, but previous chapters make up for it and I'm sure the next ones will too :D
7/18/2010 c10 1BetweenTheInfluence
THIS IS AWESOME ! =D .. cant wait for the next update! ^.^
7/18/2010 c9 11etsunara
I wouldn't worry too much about Kisame (he's just a gentle little fish :D:D:D), but Itachi on the other hand... Well, you ARE the Konoha Hooker, use your charm, you'll be fine.

Oh, but the ItaKisa part was GREAT! Actually, I hate yoai (did I spell that wrong?) but it's still funny.

I still love the hair dye prank, but I'd say this is a close second. Well, on to chapter ten. WOOT! I've caught up! :D:D:D:D

Amazing as always Kye (I will not give that name up. I liked it. A lot).
7/18/2010 c8 etsunara
You are really torturing my boyfriend (well, with any luck, it'll be that way in your other story, the game show one, I'm too lazy to type the full name out. Oh, I'm referring to Hidan, by the way). Anyways, funny chapter. Good job. I've nearly caught up.
7/18/2010 c7 etsunara
Funny, very funny.

I'm feeling very lazy, so I don't feel like a long review.

I still think the hair dye is the best.

Well, I'm sure you're feeling better by now, but if you're not, feel better.
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