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7/18/2010 c6 11etsunara

omg, Itachi is SOOO going to kill you!

I really hope he doesn't, though. If he tries anything, just call on me and I'll help you.

Anyways, I think this was the best prank yet. I'm still cracking up at the image of Hidan with orange hair. *stairs off into space imagining Hidan with orange hair* Hehe, not just orange, but NEON orange. Best. Prank. Yet.


You are so funny. I am so proud of you. It makes me proud to be a co-host with you :D:D:D

Keep up the good work. Now, on to chapter 7. I'm catching up.
7/18/2010 c5 etsunara
Great chapter.

Loved the Naruto Abridged quote.

I am wondering, will someone find you talking on the phone? Or is that something I'll have to find out on my own?

Oh, I think I might have to put my story on hold. If I don't get any new characters from the readers, I might have to wait. I could probably make my own team, but I'd rather not. I want the readers involved. So I'll keep you posted on what's happening.

In the meantime, I'm gonna keep reading :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
7/17/2010 c4 etsunara
So I was totally reminded of Kitty's story The Anime Game Shows (someone dared someone to watch Dora on here). But it was (is) HI-LARIOUS!

You were totally right.

I just have to keep reading, but first I have to write :D:D:D:D:D
7/17/2010 c3 etsunara
OMG! I totally get where you are coming from. Itachi is H-O-T HOOOTTT! But don't worry, I'm still a Gaara/Hidan/Shikamaru fangirl. :D:D:D

Omg, I love this story, and I hope you update your Truth or Dare story sooooooon, I'm excited to read the next chapter. Ha, I even forgot my dare :D No, wait, I just remembered it.

Well, on to the next chappie :D:D:D
7/17/2010 c7 5Yoru and Joker 4ever
hahahaha really funny
7/15/2010 c10 9King Dave of Blingees
You updated! Therefore i am morally obligated to give you an extremely long review!

Angel: Woo

Me: Now, I find it rather hard to relate to this chappie (I es Jewish), but Zetsu was a christmas tree!

Angel: Did you put lights on him?

Me: And candy canes?

Ang: And little ornaments?

Me: And a light up star on top?

Ang: How'd you make him stay in one place?

Me: Could he still breathe?

Ang: Didn't he get hungry?

ME: Isn;t he gonna kill you later?

Ang: Shouldn't you go into hiding now?

Me: Or maybe threatening to hurt his plant buddy?

Ang: MAybe get him a few carcases and cadavers?

Me: A bit of appeasement hmm?

Ang: Kill two clay birds with one explosion?

Me: That didn't make sense

Ang: I know


7/14/2010 c2 11etsunara
Just curious, you made up GB?

So, cool chapter.

And, because I can't help myself:

Naru: Hurry, guys, let's beat him before he has time for a character origin flashback!

Gaara: Did you say flashback?

Aw my review's short... Oh well.

Oh, guess what?

Three more days till I get home! :D:D:D:D:D... wait, is that right? Okay, so today (1), tomorrow (2), Friday (3), and then Saturday we come home. So I guess four day, depends on how you look at it.
7/14/2010 c1 etsunara
You've got me interested...




Yay my emote :D:DD:

Well, since this is short, there's not much to say. So I'll read on :D
7/13/2010 c9 2silver fire wolf
ME: Most my ocs: *laughing* the rest of my ocs: wow that is very crule One of the ones that said that: that was very unuall
7/12/2010 c9 9Dana.Kay123
Lol! Lmao at this.
7/12/2010 c9 9King Dave of Blingees
(incomprehensible laughter and gibberish)

you did the, and the.. pushing... EYE TWITCH!11

Angel: Ya... Im gonna take over this review till you can actually understand what shes saying... The weed brownies could've been played on a bit more. You could have made leader tap dance on top of a table while singing the popeye theme thing while sasori as a cane tap dance prop thing since hes a puppet of sorts.

Me: a;uhrg;ahgiugb;hg OK im done :). hehehe tap dancing XD. You made itachi! and kisame! and and EYE TWITCH!

I bet that my maniacal laughter would make light poo himself :)

Angel: Zetsu... Is he a plant or a person? the world will never know?

Me: How many licks does it take to find out what the hell Zetsu is? Wait, that sounded wrong...

Angel: -faceth palmeth-

Me: where is feather head? btw in a parody does "Fnick, prince of Doom" sound good for a so-called-emo-character-being-made-excessively-emo-cuz-it's-funny? MR oneshot you wouldn't know.

Angel: Fang is never going to live "Fnick" down is he?

Me: nop ^-^

Angel: Do something funny with Ms. Dei-Dei's hands. like, so them up, or fill them with pudding.

Me: Or Jello! my boat floats on Jello!

Angel: -blinks- What would happen if Fang and Sasuke met?

Me: Fang would be all awesome and Sasuke would do something or whatter. it would make an interesting oneshot seeing as Fang has more fangirls. seriously people may call Fang gay and emo like they do sasuke, but a majority of MR fans love Fang. Cuz hes awesome like that.

Angel: ya, Fang is silent and stoic but he shows emotion when Max is around.

Me: was Naruto the only kiss sasuke ever had? I probly wouldnt know.

Angel: Fang also has hreat hair, unlike feather head.

Me: ya.. I think I'm gonna make that oneshot.

Angel: Isn;t this a review?

Me: Oh ya. hehe rants.

Well buh byezers now!

7/12/2010 c9 Pisces95
HAHAHAH lol at pein
7/9/2010 c7 King Dave of Blingees
How in the hell does this not have any reviews yet?

btw who's GB?
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