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7/19/2020 c1 Silverbelle
This was the hit to the feels I needed, thank you.
7/4/2018 c1 Kris
Very awesome and cute!))
8/17/2016 c1 LisaG16
nice coda to the episode.
4/12/2015 c1 14NextNewAge
Is this the part where we start kicking?
7/2/2012 c1 Guest
Well done
6/30/2012 c1 36Sci F.I. Warper
Aww. That was beautiful. Jadzia would be the best person to welcome him back home (after all she was the first he met). Nice job!
9/19/2011 c1 13silvanelf
Really liked this! : )
5/7/2011 c1 Adrianna
great story, I always loved Julian and Jadzia's friendship
4/11/2011 c1 masha
I am so happy to see a new story, a ds9 story, a Julian story from you. This is a nice surprise. I simply thought you do not have any muse for ds9 anymore. So glad to see this.

And yes, I noticed Miles's quip, and I went Ouch! The doctor has spent around a month in a Dominion Camp, with God-knows how long he was in isolation cell, and when he came back, that was the response? It may sounds funny, but it's a bit out of character for O'Brien. I think I will replace that scene with this scene in my personal cannon.
10/11/2010 c1 14EstellaDoreaBlack
For some reason this story choked me up. In a good way though.
10/2/2010 c1 Delete This Account Please 111
awwww I love it love it love it!

I feel catapulted back to the beautiful time all I watched, read about and dreamed about was DS9. :-)

What a classic, what a master piece!

I like your episode tag here, it's perfectly realistic, I love the way you write those characters!
8/14/2010 c1 72beautyofsorrow
Excellent and easy to read. The dialogue's the best I've seen so far on this site! I love how it's Jadzia that welcomes him back. It's so Jadzia of her! Thanks for this.
8/1/2010 c1 9weldolet
Thanks for this! I agree that Julian's welcome back was somewhat disappointing and this closes it up very nicely. Good to acknowledge how much his alter ego was involved in too and get a glimpse to the impact it has on the real Julian.
7/29/2010 c1 20Little Tanuki
Short 'n sweet.

I liked this. Been so busy with study and everything that I haven't had a lot of time to look at much on this site but this was perfect just to peek into for a bit of light reading.

Yeah Miles' comment in the episode was a little off, thinking about it. I suppose he was trying to be humorous - although it might be interesting to know what he would think of the idea that a Founder almost delivered his son!

Cheers for sharing. L.T.
7/10/2010 c1 SammiJ
Excellent. Bashir definitely deserved more welcome than he got, and it's good to see him get it. Beautiful dialogue with Dax.

One thing-the fact that the whole story was bold was a little distracting for me. That's probably because I'm not used to that, and I'm certainly not saying you should change your formatting, but it was hard to focus on the story.

Other than that, thank you for an excellent fanfic.
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