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12/25/2016 c12 That artist girl
I entirely understand that life ca n get crazy sometimes and I hope your mom turned out okay... Also I am so glad you write for yourself as not many people do that are truly gifted with words like you are... But any ways I do hope you continue this story even if it takes forever to do. I will wait years if I must... Any one who isnt willing obviously would be an idiot with how good this story is.
7/15/2015 c12 Tayla141
Beautifully written story
Please update when ever you can:)
4/14/2015 c1 xXxRenabethxXx
Hi I stumbled across this fan fiction while reading another one and your story was recommended. While I love this story I was upset to see the last chapter was because some one decided to give you a flame. I am also upset that this story has been inactive for roughly three years. To get to my original point I love this story and was wondering if you had any plans to continue this story. I know life gets in the way and I am not blaming anything. This is coming from someone who rarely reads WIP stories and has fallen in love with one. I apologize for rambling
2/9/2015 c12 lovestoread
doubt the flamers will, mine never did, but just keep doing what you like and f them if they don't like it

2/5/2015 c12 Guest
You go girl! This made my day. Aside from the fact that I just inhaled your story and am hungry for more, I completely understand. I too have a story that lays incomplete... actually it was your review of my "Child Services" that brought me to you. And I'm very glad it did! I hope you aren't done writing, that Mom is feeling better, that life isn't all consuming and that you do find time to enjoy your hobby. This is a fantastic story.
11/6/2014 c12 deleteme26772
Loved it, to bad you stopped. But I get what you were saying about a life, although I wasn't one of the people to harshly comment, it will definitely make me think more on the things I say in the future. Your an awesome writer!
12/9/2013 c12 9Goddess Cure Mystic
i feel for you i REALLY DO; my mother had also fallen ill and sadly passed away three days after my 17th b-day. she stuck it out long enough to know of my sister's eighth b-day in March, and finally mine in April. people are inconsiderate assholes that thinks the world revolves around them. i've learned to ignore it for YEARS, i had actually taken down some of my stories because i didn't have the heart to finish them, even though i really wanted to. by the way, I LOVE YOUR SARCASM! sarcasm is basically my best friend next to my two other best friends/cousins. i'm overweight and i'm not beautiful and i'm special ed. if you want the entire story (to the extent of summarization is occurring) then go on and look up SailorMystic; i'm on there as well as my art. my life's been messed up ever since i was conceived and sadly that's the truth. i've come to accept the fact that some people DO NOT LIKE DIFFERENT; in fact i'm proud to say that their actually AFRAID of it in some cases. anyway you know that you'll never be alone, EVER you have your true friends and family that ACTUALLY care about you, not even i have that. but, i'm happily proud to say that i wouldn't have any other way! :) cheer up! it's not good look for 'ya! ;P
8/7/2013 c12 3celticicegoddess
I'm sorry about the idiots that were bugging you. I understand that real life gets in the way of writing. This is an awesome story and I hope that those people did not discourage you from continuing. Hope your family is doing well. And I hope to read more from you.
1/27/2013 c1 andi48
This is truly a great story, I really do hope that you would continue it. those "buttfaces" can shove it up their own ass, because this is a good story. Please continue! :)
1/2/2013 c12 1tayjade

I enjoy reading this immensely and I couldn't help but giggle at your authors note, well done to you for sticking up for yourself and putting that reviewer in their place!

This story is amazing and I really hope that you get the time to willingly indulge in your hobby again and write another chapter :)

I've favourited you as an author and this story because I just can't stop reading it!

Wishing you well!
12/31/2012 c12 Derryqueen44
Okay, so I just read this story today and I swear I'm not one of the buttfaces you mentioned in your last chapter!:) i absolutely love the story so far and I would really enjoy it if you continued writing it. I understand if you don't though, you know with family and life getting in the way:)
Anyways thank you for taking the time to read this!

12/4/2012 c12 Guest
enjoying the story - hope u finish. and truly - ignore the flamers. they are not worth the time it takes to respond.
10/3/2012 c12 lsha112
THIS STORY IS GREAT...really enjoying it. so multi-layered. pls keep writing (if you can)
8/18/2012 c12 3Nyx'sReincarnation
Wow! Your story is amazing so far! I love how her gift is already so strong and how it helps with her disability. It's funny actually, because my dissability is pretty much the opposite of hers, AKA I can't see. It would be hard for me to imagine not being able to hear... that's the sense that I rely on the most right now.
I like how you made the story different from the books, though there was no accident. It would have been interesting to see how that played out. Who would react first, Edward's speed or Bella's gift? hmmm...
I don't mean to butt in on anything here, but I like how you handled the situation here. I don't know exactly what the people whom the first message was for said, but usually when someone threatens you to update it's because they like your story a lot and they're wondering what will happen...
I hope that you get around to updating this again, because there's a lot of scenes for this that I can't even begin to imagine and I'ldlike to see how they play out.
Keep up the amazing work! :) (:
Tarah xXx
7/20/2012 c1 DreamALittleDream8
I loved reading your story and hope that you are able to finish it. I can't wait to find out what the Cullen will do when they discover Bella knows what are.
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