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3/27/2012 c12 7Culfindae
OMG! I hope you don't get offended, but my first response to reading that posted flame was a full belly laugh! I mean, come on! They want to talk about disgusting writing when they themselves display the patience, attitude, maliciousness of a ten-year old spoiled brat. Come to think about it, or more specifically to read it, I would say that the reviewer IS A TEN-YEAR OLD SPOILED BRAT. They certainly have accumulative literate mastery of texting ditz. (I would like to use a few other choice words, but I don't want to offend others and have this review taken down.) And they first thing they want to complain about is writing style? It's beyond hypocritical to the point of pathetic, and I must point a finger in their direction and laugh.
3/27/2012 c12 2ObsessiveCompulsiveReading
You are amazing. I found this story in class and the plot line entrapped me. But more then that - you're witty retort to those a**holes had me dying with laughter.

See you next chapter. :-D
3/27/2012 c12 WootTwilighterAnimeFanWoot
Sorry life and stupid readers giving you crap. hope you mother feels better. great story thus far.
3/27/2012 c12 singingcaro
I'm really sorry that people can be so stupid! Just know I am with you with all my heart and I will wait! =)
3/27/2012 c12 3HarryAndGin
I really dislike it when people criticise like that, and am so sorry to read that you've been getting such messages. Real life comes first - always - for me anyway. Fanfiction is a nice distracton and this story is enjoyable to read. Quality stories are worth waiting for.
3/26/2012 c12 6Rabbitfoot O'Eight
I have gotten a whole new level of respect for you.
3/26/2012 c12 1immortalblossom
Love your story! Keep it up and don't let anyone down talk you.
3/26/2012 c12 Blacklion45
Yeah, go Chronic Hysteria x2 you tell 'em.
3/26/2012 c12 Katt Kiki
I am so srry that someone said those things to u and I hope that they stop I think family is more important then anything. I luv this story and can't wait 4 the next chapter but family does come first.
3/26/2012 c12 gpl993
Though I was disappointed to see this wasn't an update; I must say brava signora for calling people out on their bad behavior. Too often we have to deal with jerks that we can't say anything negative to (a.k.a. bosses and co-workers) that we can get in the habit of letting people berate us when we don't have to take their bullshit (for lack of a better word). I thoroughly enjoy your story, enough that I am willing to wait for updates and understand that people other than myself have a real life. I hope you continue writing, that the joy of creating stories isn't ruined by selfish jerks, and that your mom gets better.
3/26/2012 c12 FutureOlympian
I can't believe people are doing that to you! That's just ridiculous! It's probably just because this story is insanely good though, and the fact that they're jerks, haha.
3/26/2012 c12 3Elizabeth Keller
i love your story. i do not love trolls. wishing you well!
3/26/2012 c12 bbeccaz
I'm sorry people are flaming you, they need to get a life. As sad as I am that this isn't a chapter, I also understand that you have a life outside of fanfiction.

I'm looking forward to reading more chapter and I'm willing to wait.
3/26/2012 c12 dfgaksdj
Do you ever update?
2/22/2012 c12 EMma
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