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11/9/2011 c10 LordXeenTheGreat
Great Chapter!
11/9/2011 c10 Eris1031
Excellent update, as ever, but would love to know what Edward and the rest of the Cullens are thinking.
9/22/2011 c9 Guest
Great story, can't wait to see how this plays out!

Keep up the good work
8/11/2011 c7 21katmom
Lovely to see this update!

Interesting twist on the nursery trip.

7/29/2011 c9 2Manaliac
Your story is amasing, I really like the idea about a Vampire Renée so far, and Bella is powerful so our lovers will be even and equals! Please continue !
7/27/2011 c9 Eris1031
Awesome update!
7/20/2011 c9 sheeiur22
Thanks for that.
7/20/2011 c7 sheeiur22
Great update very funny.
7/19/2011 c9 5vivx-chan
Poor Bella! I almost cried on this chapter! Sh didn't hurt anyone in the "present" when she was stuck in her "past" did she?

Keep writing and posting, please don't ever give up in this fic, I really love it!
7/17/2011 c10 vivx-chan

Was there a error? This note is exactly the same as the one in the previus "chapter".

keep posting whenever you can. ^^
6/17/2011 c1 6Simone17
Hey, was playing around and found your fic, this is my new user account on here. (yes I forgot my other one, that I created when I forgot the one before that.) Just wanted to say hey, and that I'm your biggest fan!
5/31/2011 c9 9AJLYAMBER96
So awesome
5/29/2011 c8 4MsKMJ
Update soon!
5/28/2011 c9 cottoncandybl52
5/28/2011 c9 4ElspethGordie
Sara! It's sooo good to hear from you! I've been thinking about your story a lot recently. I would still love to be your beta. I'm so sorry about your mom. How is she doing? Let me know if you need anything! xoxo Taylor
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