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4/5/2005 c7 1krysalys73
Damn, this story isn't finished?

Crap crap crap crap crap...

Please tell me it's finished somewhere, and I can read it?

*flashes the puppy-dog eyes*

Can't believe Bobby and Claire're going along with this. Letting Darien fly solo with the "unknowns", I'd've figured Bobby would be more "possessive" and protective of his best friend.

*Please* tell me you finished writing this story?


10/10/2003 c1 Draken
Just a suggestion, but you may want to warn people that there are slightly homosexual themes, in your summary.
7/9/2003 c7 My Reflection
I LOVE it! Don't stop, keep going!
5/19/2002 c5 3Kiran
Hmm, needs a bit more Darien n Angel, but that's just my opinion. ^_^

Anyway, great work. Can't wait for more, so please don't leave me hanging to long.
5/10/2002 c5 Amelia
Darien & Hobbes are cool! More please!
5/8/2002 c1 Chester
5/2/2002 c1 Chester
4/28/2002 c4 Jarna Hill
Oh, youre so Evil, Ladynero.

To leave your poor starving readership with a cliffhanger like that!

But I'm sure we'll all forgive you if you hurry up and write the next chapter...Please?
4/27/2002 c1 Chester
You have got to write more. This is a great story with mounds of possiblities. Please write more.
4/25/2002 c4 6Dichotomy
Good story and an absolutely evil cliffhanger!*g* More please!
4/22/2002 c4 mika
i want chapter 4.i want chapter 4 mommy i don't care how childish it sounds. this is a real good story.
4/22/2002 c4 James
two words

Write More
4/22/2002 c4 Cas
Interesting, but very good. I love this fic, so please continue soon.
3/15/2002 c1 Guest
continue please! uhg your killing me, don't leave us hanging waiting to see what happens! love it so far!
2/22/2002 c1 none
wow cool, you should really continue this i really want to see where this goes. Your killing me to wait for the next chapter, please continue as soon as you can.
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