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for Shooting Stars

7/15/2010 c1 3For A Key
This is really disturbing. And really great. "She had escaped, not before killing some of their people, and she had returned to her home, telling the skull that she was back." Chills! I understand that she turned to something... still the mental image freaks me out. It's great, though. Works with the state she was in. It's true that Claire and Aaron do need each other, and she needs to tell herself that.

"There were no shooting stars, no stars even, it was empty.

Just like how she felt."

Okay, now I'm sad. Great writing as always! As I've said: Your style is awesome.

As for music, anything by the Florence and the Machine is good, as is Regina Spektor :)
7/13/2010 c1 4DiorNicole
Shooting Stars

This was a Hauntly beautiful Claire One-Shot! It was dark but still touched your heart.

1.) When Claire found the skull and started talking to it, I was just shocked. It was creepy.

2.) It was interesting to get a look into her years alone in the jungle.

3.) It’s hard to image Claire being reduce to this.

Over three years, she had tried and tried again to get her son back, but all attempts were futile, all attempts ended badly. And not just her, no, they ended badly for the other side too. She killed more of their people then she could count on both hands, and she didn't care.

Her policy was if they got in her way, they had to go.

4.) Thanks for the great Music suggestions.

Keep Up The Great Work! Happy Writing!

7/10/2010 c1 10AwesomeAuror

It's a good look into Claire's mind, and I like it. She's not as crazy as I imagine her to be, but whatever. Everyone's entitled to an opinion. The song fit surprisingly well, and it worked.
7/10/2010 c1 56Jimelda
Great fic, I love the song. You've done a great job of portraying Claire's thoughts during her time alone on the Island. Very good, yet very disturbing too.

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