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7/7/2015 c1 NeverTooMuchInspiration
I would be surprised if there wasn't some ghost or demon or something somewhere that tried this once. For that matter, it was probably one of Dean's deaths in "Mystery Spot." Of course, this is one of the instances they would actually be lucky for whatever reason, or perhaps the rabbit's foot is back? Thank you for posting.
3/2/2011 c23 casammy
Happy that has returned but, seriously, so shortly sister, makes me very sad ... in end I wait .. we go dean has to stamp on backs to whom it has dared to touch to sammy
9/7/2010 c23 1samgirl19
uh oh
9/6/2010 c23 2ForgottenSeptember

And what happens next, what happens next ?

lol, sorry. And Sammy doesn't look good then... *is 'gah!'ing again*

*is now almost patiently waiting for the next update*
8/29/2010 c23 83sammygirl1963
Whoa...hope Dean surprises that guy enough that he can knock the crap out of him before the guy can shoot Dean or something!
8/25/2010 c22 2ForgottenSeptember
Hey, I'm baaack !

Sorry, I haven't been reading a lot lately, but this is still great! And I see that I've missed a few events lol

So now Dean and Caleb are also prisoners? That can't be good...

And yay! Double score! *stands and applauds*

Keep up the good work! :D
8/22/2010 c22 1samgirl19
uh oh
8/22/2010 c22 83sammygirl1963
YAY, looks like Dean is about to find his brother. It's about damn time..but what condition is he going to find him in?

Can't wait to find out.
8/21/2010 c21 29CeCe Away
Ugggh. I hate it when the chapters end. I was enjoying this.
8/21/2010 c21 83sammygirl1963
Oh yeah, that sounds just like something Dean would do when it comes to his baby brother.
8/21/2010 c21 165Katy M VT
I know you're writing this in drabbles, but it's driving me crazy. I want more, more, more.
8/17/2010 c20 83sammygirl1963
Found who...is it Sammy they found? Oh can't wait to find out.

As for the Caleb...a lof of people prefer the Caleb from the Ridley Brotherhood AU...either one is fine with me.
8/17/2010 c20 1samgirl19
omg caleb found sam but once dean sees him oh it will not be good
8/12/2010 c19 83sammygirl1963
And for Dean, those eight hours would be pure hell not knowing where or how Sammy is!
8/11/2010 c18 anonymous
Is this Caleb from the show? Or Ridley's Brotherhood AU's original character Caleb Reeves?
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