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for Lucy's Sick

3/26/2019 c4 MelindaWheeler
I thought it was good but u need to explain who Nick is more .maybe the next chapter can be where she goes to the doctor to find out why she is soo sick.
8/31/2013 c3 10chitty gen11
This is cool, please post more soon
8/11/2012 c2 Tiarna
Are you going to finish this? I really like it!
8/22/2010 c1 GWLove
And what does this have to do with "My Sister's Keeper"? It's been awhile since I read the book, but I'm confident that none of these characters were in "My Sister's Keeper"...

I'm lost. There's no Claire in My Sister's Keeper, and there's no Ginger. Also, if you're trying to say that Lucy has leukemia, that still has nothing to do with My Sister's Keeper. A crossover shares characters and settings, not a plot.

This story is confusing enough in itself, let alone its category.
7/12/2010 c1 Forbidden Fire
What's this? So Lucy is sick, probs from partying. Mkay and?

Oh and Lucy's older than Simon.
7/11/2010 c1 i am pie 32
Utter rubbish you idiot. Don't start over, take down ALL of your stories and quit uploading here until you meet the minimum age requirement. There's no way in hell you're 13. God, I hope you aren't. You're awful. LUCY IS OLDER THAN SIMON, SIMON IS YOUNGER.

Matt - Mary - Lucy - Ruthie - Sam - David

Have you EVER watched the show? I think not.
7/11/2010 c1 wildfirefanatic08
Wow. Plot-line much? Jeez! I agree with the other 2 reviewers. No point. Start over.
7/11/2010 c1 920355
Um, ok, what was this all about? There was absolutely no point in this.

By the way, Simon's younger than Lucy.
7/11/2010 c1 23Paisley Mae
Um, Lucy is OLDER than Simon. In fact, around three years.

It isn't as bad as I thought it would be based on your useless summary. You should try to actually summarize your story. Like "One day, teenaged Lucy is getting ready for school and begins to encounter some sickly symptoms."

Don't use that, it's just an example.

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