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6/25/2012 c23 17xxMiss Lizxx
Hopefully Brittany will soon get better and stop being such a b*tch. She is making me so mad. And hopefully she would come to her senses and realize everything she has done. But it's not her fault. She just got bitten by a dog or wolf. And that's why she is acting differently. But I do hope Brittany realizes what she is doing and tries to stop herself from being so mean to everyone. And maybe even her family and friends would like to help her and get the old Brittany back. Update soon.
5/28/2012 c7 52TheKawaiifan
Looks like the love doctor just got schooled
8/24/2011 c23 29EpicSmiley12-Dead Account
Oooh! I hope Brittany gets cured soon, this attitude of hers just makes me so mad! But I LOVE this story, please update soon!
7/19/2011 c23 Guest
whens the next chapter gonna come out?
1/31/2011 c23 alvinsfan209
r u still alive? its been like 4 months since the last time u updated this story
1/21/2011 c23 kokopellifan
While some parts of the story feel a tad long winded, or like repeats of previous scenes, it's a fairly good reimagining overall. You should try rewriting your story in script format once it's finished. Take the most important elements of it, and fashion it into a screenplay (remember 1 page = 1 minute). Then post it here for everyone to enjoy.
1/14/2011 c23 Colliequest
When you next update this story (no pressure), may I suggest you have Alvin sing "Just the Girl" by Chick5, perhaps? I keep listening to the version of that with the pitch upped, hehe. But I'm suggesting it because I think it'd fit in with this story well. =)
1/14/2011 c16 Cedar Woods
How it should have gone:

Ellie: "What happened?"

Alvin: "Brittany got out."

Ellie: "Alright, who's the dumbass around here?"

Alvin is an idiot for even bothering to open the closet door.
1/13/2011 c14 Cedar Woods
This was long, but it had a very cartoonish element, with characters getting into one disaster after another. Pretty funny. I wonder when Brit's next victim's injuries will heal.
1/13/2011 c13 Cedar Woods
This story is pretty deep. The emotional aspect is really good. By the way, love obviously makes people stupid. Why Simon is worried that Jen is lying, is beyond me. Hello ya dork, she's pathalogically honest. Every time Brit has tried to lie, she always has to cover Jen's mouth to keep her from blabbing. Honestly
1/13/2011 c12 Cedar Woods
Hooray! Theo finally asked Ellie out. I love them, and that will be a welcome break from Brittany.
1/12/2011 c10 Cedar Woods
Wow. We're really seeing Alvin's sensitive side in here. I've only seen him cry at least twice on the original show, but in here I've honestly lost count. Symbolically speaking, Brit has a large serated knife, and she is mercilessly gut punching Alvin with it. She is a master at the emotional gut punch, but I've never seen her be such a beast (no pun intended).
1/12/2011 c9 Cedar Woods
Holy crap! You sure didn't leave anything out when it came to Brit being such an a-s-s to her sisters and Alvin. I know she's under a curse, but still. I usually think of Alvin as being a jerk, but he was really sweet in this chapter. Brit must have had to be just foul in order to break Ellie. Jen I understand, but it takes truly nasty words to rip away Ellie's mask. Where you thinking about some hated ex when you wrote this?

- kokopellifan1 (YT)
1/12/2011 c8 Cedar Woods
Well that's just stupid that this program blocks out the word v - a - g - i - n - a. It's not even a four letter word. There are lot's more dirty things I could have said, but I didn't. I used real language. So lick my butt fanfic censors. Cheers
1/12/2011 c8 Cedar Woods
I have an obsession with symbols, and so I'm not sure if you were just trying to think of a romantic sounding name, but 'The Rose Petal' honestly sounds a little racy to me. The rose is used as a symbol for a woman's vagina, and I've heard rose petals used to describe the labia. In other words, it sounds like Alvin wants to *ahem* 'Get Lucky' with Brit. If that was your intention, then that was a great way of symbolically passing the message.

- kokopellifan1 (from Youtube)

PS: If you respond, please do it in the form of a personal message. Cheers
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