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for The Chipettes Meet the Wolfman

9/26/2010 c23 13thepinkscrunchie
Oh my gosh, best story ever! I hated Brittany since the very beginning, and this only enhances it. I'm just so freakin' happy SIMON IS OKAY! OMG, the Simonette in this is amazing, it practically consumes me in warm fuzzy fluff! I'm so glad you updated, this story has me on the edge of my seat!
9/26/2010 c23 30Winddragon Eternal
Phew, thank goodness Alvin didn't go along with desecrating the school garden! I don't exactly think there'll be a way for Alvin to redeem himself if he did what Brittany told him to do.

Good job on describing the change in her looks, I can sense the animal slowly beginning to burst forth even in Brittany's regular form.

And I hope Simon will be much better by the time the finale shows up. :)

It's okay for a short chapter, but I'm sure you'll make up for it with your next one. Good luck to you! :)

- Winddragon
9/19/2010 c22 sallywatermelon
Are you ever going to finish this story? ive reread it like eight times and you still havent answered
9/13/2010 c17 G. Shadow
I think when Simon recovers from paralyzation, he will try to help the others by inventing some kind of potion that gives the power and strength to help defeat not only Brittany, but the dreaded werewolf curse itself
9/10/2010 c11 G. Shadow
In her werewolf form, Brittany shows a little kindness like a dog. But in her regular pre-werewolf/chipmunk form, she shows no mercy by unleashing her brutal power on her sisters and the chipmunks. It's almost like the Sonic The Hedgehog game: Sonic Unleashed.
9/9/2010 c22 sallywatermelon
Please finish the story. I really want to know how brittany gets cured, and if Simon is going to be paralyzed. I think this is one of the best stories I've read so far. You are the best author. I appreciate all your stories. When your done with this one, you should write another one. :)
9/7/2010 c22 aperez404
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9/7/2010 c22 G. Shadow
THAT'S IT! She's going down! I don't care how fast or powerful Brittany is but you can't let her win Alvin! Send anybody to back you up cause' the battle's not over! PLEASE UPDATE SOON!
9/7/2010 c16 G. Shadow
I would call in the Power Rangers to help Alvin and Simon kick Brittany's butt
9/7/2010 c9 G. Shadow
Sombody needs to slap that beastette a lot more sense after the destruction she caused to Alvin, her sisters, and all of her friends and family!
9/6/2010 c22 Northgalus2002
Wow, as usual you did not dissappoint! I felt so bad for Theo and Ellie, being (respectively) sickened and covered with garbage by Britt. And poor Jean! Having her glasses taken and being buried under props by Britt.

But, mostly, poor Alvie! Being beaten up by Britt yet again and having to do goodness-knows-what tomorrow rather than see Theo, Ellie and Jean in the hospital like Simon!

But at least by the end of the chapter, they hear that Simon's taken a turn for the better!

So you say that we have four or five chapters to go, I can just imagine what Britt's going to be like when her transformation is complete. I am still hopeful that Alvie and the rest of the gang can cure Britt. That said, at the end of the chapter I felt like smacking her!

If Britt is cured, I can just imagine what will go through that 'pettes mind when she realizes just how much pain she had caused! If Britt really is cured at the end, I recommend a sequel where Britt feels really sad and bad about what she had done and runs away and the 'munks and 'pettes go off to look for her, and it will all end happily of course. Just a suggestion.

Anyway, good stuff! Update soon!
9/6/2010 c22 6Chipmunkgirl234
i love this story, but i feel bad for alvin and them. cant wait till the next chapater!
9/6/2010 c22 30Winddragon Eternal
Firstly, your new chapter was worth the wait, especailly since you ended it with a cliffhanger! :)

Brittany's bullying is getting SERIOUSLY way out of hand! Until she's finally cured, her werewolf form seems like the only thing that's nice about her so far.

Poor Theodore. I had no idea that eating dirt would make him violently sick. I do hope he'll be ok after this. :(

I wonder what's going to happen to Alvin, but also, what becomes of Simon and Jeanette? We'll just wait and see! :)
9/5/2010 c22 3TreyJ
wow Brittany is seriously off her nut plz update right now
9/5/2010 c22 Wendy
Holy crap I can finally review! Thank God, it's been hard holding in my thoughts for your story. This was a true treat, I had been cleaning all day, and needed a break.

Can I first say...YOU ARE THE BEST REINVENTER EVER! Even if this was my idea first...you made it much better, don't feel bad at all. This is the best story you read so far, it's amazing how perfectly you portrayed everyone. So, let's start, shall we?

Eleanor: Perfect. Sometimes it's hard to capture her personality, she's on the fine line between timid and feisty. You did it perfectly, I especially like the Theonor moments.

Theodore: Also perfect. His sweet, innocent ways were cute, but I feel sorry that Brittany poisoned him. His and Eleanor's parts were perfectly laid out.

Jeanette: Amazing. Being my favorite Chipette, I felt extremely bad she took the most beating of her sisters. And Brittany taking her glasses, drenching her, burying her under props...I was seething the whole time.

Simon: I remember that part so clearly, the whole time I felt tears in the corners of my eyes, and at the end, I wept. I also was angry, I wanted to kill Brittany for that. Let's just hope his test results come back good...By the way, the Simonette featured inside were really cute.

Alvin: Yikes. I actually feel sorry for him, how awful Brittany beat him. After he saved her that night, and their relationship! I hated all of that, but I was impressed by how humble and responsible he was. He and Jeanette are developing a nice friendship, good job not mixing them.

Brittany: I wanted to kill her for all the things she does. She's more innocent in werewolf form! Seriously, hurting all of her family and friends. It hurt me to see how positively evil she was.

All in all, wonderful story. Someday, I wish I could write like you do. Keep up the wonderful stories!

Suggestion: For your next story, you could rewrite "Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstien." And put the Chipettes in there! Just a suggestion, it would be interesting!
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