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for Sister!

6/15/2012 c1 BakerStreetIsLastRefugeOfHope
A great story. Very well written.
8/7/2010 c1 HungerGames Next Show Host234
I loved it! LOL
7/14/2010 c1 William Derbyshire
Yes, nice story. Short and sweet! I admit I forgot about Ginny reading the first part and then wondered where she was. Roll on the next HP fanfic. :-)
7/11/2010 c1 173BuzzCat
Very good! I like this. I can see how the kids wouldn't get it.
7/11/2010 c1 4AverageJay
I thought the story was pretty nice. Just one comment though - Voldemort won't disappear for another 2 and a half months, so the Weasleys probably hadn't heard of Harry Potter yet. Keep writing though - I enjoyed it.

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