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10/11/2011 c1 Ozera's Buffy
love it
3/12/2011 c7 Jacobs-Number-1
You should update i love ur stories ! :)
10/11/2010 c5 Lena-Rae
okay first this is confusing te eff outta me when they keep saying 'her' do they mean rose?and when it says someone POV it means you right it as if you are in their brain just thought I'd say it would help make it less confusing lol but either way I'm gonna keep reading this story plz update soon :)
10/7/2010 c5 blackrosewitch1996
you should totally make Rose beat up Dimitri!

For once I'd like her to win a spar against him.
10/7/2010 c5 20RR-Roza-Robertson
i think that someone who was working for nathan should come back and try to attack her and stuff. and she should end up remembering everything. lol im not big help, but please think of something i was really enjoying this lol :)
9/25/2010 c4 andtheskyisfalling
9/25/2010 c4 19Raised with Fangs
hmmm, more! so she forgot things when she was turned... strigoi? was she strigoi or something else? I'm confused...
9/25/2010 c4 3Ashleigh131
... okay, I'mma confuzzled...
9/24/2010 c3 2PepperTehUnicorn
i luv it :D
9/16/2010 c3 4Jinxy-24
I love this story! Please continue writing it!
8/10/2010 c3 principessa-della-mafia
This is awesome so this is rose right and she was still Dimitri's student and everything like in VA i got a little confused
7/27/2010 c3 craziiforva
i like it but its kinda confusing:( anyways update soon
7/27/2010 c3 3Ashleigh131
... he is dimitri... right? i don't know! i was confused!

but other than that the chapter was pretty cool!

can't wait to read more Mitchie!

7/20/2010 c2 Ashleigh131
OH CRAP! Rose's gotta go after Lissa! crap!

loved the chapter!

can't wait to read more!

please update soon

7/19/2010 c2 8pollyandpony
oo Lissa... wait who's the brown eye person... and how do they know Rose? hmm i wonder!
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