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for Shades of Gray

11/26/2018 c1 7Frazel2
11/28/2014 c1 S'Tidey
Is there more?
8/22/2012 c1 7Abbie Brown
7/10/2012 c1 29wisegirl1800
I loved this story
3/9/2012 c1 patsgirl13 cute, and funny too!
10/3/2010 c1 mavk4444
Hilarious.I was rolling on the floor laughing.
8/8/2010 c1 24Mission to Marzipan
"What's wrong? Kronos-monster-hellhound….what…?"

HA. I actually laughed when I read this. It's the perfect freaking out reaction for Percy; he could have said this kind of thing in the books.

I just like the whole future domesticity of it all, basically. It was just an amusing little ficlet that I really enjoyed. Nice work.
8/4/2010 c1 2The Ocean Is My Inkwell
"The family now just used steel. It was much cheaper."

Muwahahaha. Annabeth is SO wicked! It's short and sweet, but I'm lovin' it, Vanyers! Way to go!
7/17/2010 c1 1Allrianne
7/14/2010 c1 kalya
Wonderful story! the plot was quite nice. i enjoyed it! i am not a good reviewer but this was the most amazing story didi! no improvement needed. the description:you described it so well, someone who has not read PJO would understand! So Bravo, bravo,oncore! :D

Keep Writing! :)
7/14/2010 c1 Lyndranette
Love it! Very creative! Star rating - ****
7/14/2010 c1 3tediously ordinary
awesome... genius.
7/14/2010 c1 Bibliophile
Dearest Ms. Freak,

I liked this a lot, A LOT. And like most of your stories, and you personally do, it made me laugh!

I cannot thank you enough for keeping the characters unchanged. Most people change the personalities, and make Draco caring or Annabeth a daffodill, and I HATE that.

Safe to say, now I can clearly imagine a "gray-hair-crazed" Annabeth weilding a hairdryer, ready to chuck it Percy's "weak spot." and her means of revenge. Thank you for those images they have made my day!

Also I really liked that you named their sons Charlie and Luke, very creative!

Overall, good and funny! Keep writing and posting...

P.S. There is no such thing as writers block! It is...

A) Something uncreative people use to make them sound smart and well...creative...


B) An excuse evil, creative people use so they can be lazy, and keep their friends on cliffhangers...which they hate!

Hopefully I help, or made someone laugh!
7/14/2010 c1 foxxmouth
... It was good. Good enough. Although Annabeth acted OOC (out of character). I mean, she's a daughter of Athena and I don't think people like Annabeth would freak out because they found a gray hair. When Annabeth was younger, she barely cared about the way she looked like. But anyways, it was okay. Good job. :))


Oh, one more thing: You don't need to add another bolded period after and ellipsis to mark the end of it. Just a simple: ... is okay. After all, ellipses only have three periods, not four.

Have a nice day,
7/14/2010 c1 ErIkA
I loved how IC it was ! lovely.
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