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8/8/2010 c14 amusinggrace11
omg, it's finished! i'm so happy and sad at the same time! happy, because this is a great story! the ending - true to character, and wonderfully written. sad, because... it's over now! :(

hope to read more of your stories in the near future! :)
8/8/2010 c14 49Macahol84
I just wanted to say I loved your story! I've been reading it all day long as I've been hurrying home from a vacation. This story was phenomenal and had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. You are an amazing writer. I enjoyed your story so much.
8/8/2010 c14 1Elizabeth.ff
I loved this chapter! I'd like to mention a couple of things which I think you did a great job with. First, the scene with Martha and Rick. Very real, and very nice. Second, Kate's response to the moving in. I really liked it. And of course, the ending was awesome.

Thank you for writing this story. I look forward to reading more fanfics by you.

8/8/2010 c14 Nathan fan
I think it was very significant that you dealt with the hair color issue because it was a huge step in Kate's recovery. What a great way to also involve Alexis. I loved Castle's line that he was starting to feel like he was cheating :) I also enjoyed the bat cave references from season 1. Fantastic conversation with Martha! She is, indeed, proving herself to be a wise woman. I really have to say that I think the entire bedroom scene, from night to morning, is the best character writing of your entire story. You wrote their emotions beautifully! It was such a huge step for Kate to ask him to make love to her and you made it so meaningful by emphasizing the importance of their touch and not the raw sex. Another huge step was talking about what had happened and I love that Kate was concerned about what Rick went through too. You dealt with the issue of her moving in PERFECTLY! I loved Kate's point that she didn't want to make a major decision because of what someone else did and that she didn't want to miss how they get there. SOOOO meaningful! Loved that Kate could easily accept Ryan and Esposito teasing about Castle and that he showed up with coffee :) TEARS at the touching ending :) Following your story has been a real TREAT! I sure hope you continue.
8/8/2010 c14 1rebafreak
I love this story! I'm so sad to see it end, but the end was AMAZING! I hope that you will consider writing a sequel to further develop the relationship between Castle and Beckett. You are a great writer and storyteller. I'm anxiously awaiting whatever you decide to do next.

Becca :)
8/8/2010 c14 patricia23
I love it! It was perfect.

Great job! ;)
8/8/2010 c14 No Longer Publishing Here
First, let me just just tell you how truly, truly glad I was that you didn't drag this out unnecessarily. You were able to do it justice and make it wonderful without throwing unnecessary angst in to the mix. It was so very obvious that they were both affected by all that had happened, yet the reader wasn't jerked around for no apparent reason. I appreciate that!

The scene between Martha + Castle was touching. I really like Martha in this fic. She's a character I've not especially warmed to so the fact that you wrote her in such a way to draw me in says a lot about your version of her. I like the way she is able to talk to Castle and will play that mother role rather than the "crazy granny". Castle is also brilliant in that scene and though you didn't focus on it a lot, the fact that he is so distressed by her nightmares was done quite beautifully.

The scene with Kate and Castle in bed was also very beautiful and touching. From their lovemaking to the two of them talking about the ordeal, it was just very realistic, exquisite and well played. I loved the fact that Kate didn't move in with him. I think it would have been so much easier for the character, as well as you as a writer to have taken the "easy" way out and let her do it, but I like this version quite a bit.

I could keep going, but this is already a ridiculous length (sorry!) so I'll leave you with one final thing: that last scene with the two of them getting their 'lost' dinner was great. Satisfying and sweet. I also love your use of the fic title at the end. Simply perfect.

You should be proud. Very good work. I look forward to anything else you do in the future!
8/7/2010 c14 22onewritinggirl
Have I mentioned that I love this story? I can't remember if I've ever reviewed this one or not, but even if I have, I'll say it again... this story = pure awesomeness. Thank you for writing.
8/7/2010 c14 2Kim Castle
Aww. That was such a sweet ending! So cute!
8/7/2010 c14 19softer
What a nice ending. :)

This fic has been a joy to read, and I enjoyed it immensely.

Keep writing, and I promise to keep reading.

If it's anywhere near as awesome as this, I will leave a review, too ;D
8/7/2010 c14 Yecart
Good story.
8/7/2010 c14 Van Inactive
You did a really, really good job with this story. It was perfect.
8/7/2010 c14 5GhostWriterLost
A little sappy - but i like sappy - and a nice antidote to the scary bits earlier on in the story. Both Castle and Beckett seem to be squarely in character - him pushing and her not wanting to go too far too fast.

New one please.
8/7/2010 c14 14Bren Williams
Awesome awesome job! Yay! It's all posted! Wonderful feeling of accomplishment, huh?

I like these revisions:

"Answering Kate's raised eyebrow, "Esposito and Ryan may have mentioned it in passing." In passing meaning she had grilled them for details."

"It's all moved so fast, Lanie. He's Castle. He can still make me crazy. Now there are times he hovers and I want to strangle him. But then…am I pathetic to say that sometimes I like the way he takes care of things, of me?"

Love this: Really? Because from the look of your fridge I wouldn't equate grocery shopping and normal in the same sentence."

Proofread check: "What? has been wonderful.
8/7/2010 c14 VACastleFan

It's been a fun ride...I'm sorry it's over! Thanks for writing a fun story that had a rewarding blend of action and suspense and heartfelt emotion among the characters (and I don't just mean Castle and Beckett). You were able to end it in a way that satisfied and left the reader feeling good-but you didn't take the "easy" road of having Beckett be all about moving in with Castle. I think that would have actually cheapened the impact of the experience you had Beckett endure and would have seemed less realistic and more cliche. Instead we get a "happy ending" but we empathize and understand that Kate still has some healing to do-AND that Castle recognizes and respects that.

I'm sad I won't be able to look forward to alerts that a newe chapter is up-but I look forward to your next foray into Castle fanfic (I hope the wait isn't too long!)

Great job!
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