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11/21/2015 c1 5I should be studying right now
I like how you compared Arthur to skyscrapers in the beginning. Good job.
4/25/2015 c1 18Night's Finale
Inception is awesome. Soundtrack is amazing. I wish I could bring others into my dream.
12/1/2012 c1 5aujourd'hui
Oh my goodness. What is this perfection. What is this beauty. I can't even - wow.

You have a very cunning and stripped down way with words that seems to throw the reader into the mindset of the two characters. This seems like a short story about love, but you make it mean so much more. It's very believeable, not the type of 'love at first sight' kind of thing.

9/9/2011 c1 3.1415etc
That was so nice!
6/18/2011 c1 31SpeakNow1118
That was just... beautiful. Absolutely amazing. It was wonderfully written.
6/14/2011 c1 aceslowfic
This was lovely.

I am impressed that you were able to write this before the movie came out (though you did say you would maybe come back and change some parts?) I remember when the trailers came out, I couldn't even begin to fathom what all was going on. So good for you! :)

But really, this was a beautiful one-shot. Very well written.

Thank you.

(I know, I am very late to the game in the fan fiction part of this fandom).
1/16/2011 c1 5Dairire
"like a skyscraper that just brushed the legs of the stars" Such a beautiful simile, I liked the story from the beginning and the detached, drawn out way it's narrated but I fell in love with it at this sentence. I think you did amazingly well with Arthur's character, you've built him into this complex being who's filled with infinite layers that she got lost in trying to unravel.

I thought the way you described Cobb was word perfect, " the torrential rainstorm of emotions and temper that Cobb seemed to be" And I adored, "Somewhere along the way, when she wasn't looking, she'd become accustomed to the sound of his name in her head." It's hard to believe you'd never seen the movie, it's like you already knew Arthur inside and out. A fantastic piece of writing I loved every solitary word of this, it was perfect.
12/7/2010 c1 lindorie
You have some really lovely turns of phrase. I adore this part concerning fate: "Yet, fate always had a funny way of looking at you one way and then, if you took your eyes off it for even the slightest moment, it would twist. Completely different, and yet somehow the same." This is incredibly spot on for being written before seeing the movie!
10/16/2010 c1 22mindless scribbles
I was... squealing at the cuteness of this. I really, really enjoyed it. The emotions were very in character, and it was extremely well written.

The last part "She called him Arthur. Not the human skyscraper, not the daunting metal monster she'd once seen, in the beginning, when things still made sense.

Just Arthur. Nothing moreā€¦

Nothing less.", when I first read, I didn't think much but somehow that part stuck in my mind. Whether it was intended or not... I still think that was a fantastic ending.

Like I said, very well written! Keep up the great work :)

8/21/2010 c1 20bells-mannequin
That's great. Wow. For one that hasn't watched the movie yet, you can definitely grasp the characters of Ariadne and Arthur quite well. Thumbs up!
8/13/2010 c1 9alexa35
Lovely writing style, lovely fic. It was smooth, and definitely an enjoyable read. :) I love your ending lines and how you characterized Arthur and Ariadne so accurately without even catching the movie!
8/10/2010 c1 98Stratagem
Very lovely ficlet! I liked your writing style and the mental images you invoked. Your interpretation of the characters was very nice as well. Good job! ^_^
8/5/2010 c1 18kiuna'yukina
Awww, this is so sweet. :) And kind of spot on for someone who hadn't yet watched the movie at the time of this writing. I loved this.
8/3/2010 c1 visitor
Darling, a word please. How on earth did you manage to write something so utterly spot-on about them without seeing the movie? HOW, woman, how? Freaking KUDOS, looking forward to much, much more stuff from you :)
7/21/2010 c1 SD
If only Arthur/Ariadne was canon! Jgrdjd. Anyways, I love how you portray the two in this one shot. It was just beautiful.
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