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4/12/2011 c1 seadog
i love this story !

your maxim is just... so lovely cute, so weak and lost! i just wanted to hug him all the time. and i absolutly agree, that he loved rebecca in some ways, they're such a nice tender couple.

And when he hits her... there was something intense in the air ;-)

and how rebecca manipulates max in the end...
7/16/2010 c1 2Greenleaf's Daughter
You've developed some nice ideas here but I think you should read the book one day. And even though the Hitchcock movie is by far the best known, the 1979 series is closest to the book whereas the 2-part film from 1997 doesn't demonise anyone in particular, it just displays the situation as human interaction having gone horrible wrong at some point. In the book Max comes across as tormented because he's killed Rebecca (he shoots her through the heart) and he's worried everyone else finds out or/and suspects something already. And in fact he is a murderer. Equally Mrs Danvers for me is not the psycho lady Hitchcock turned her into but rather someone grieving for a lost one (it's hinted she's been some sort of mother-replacement for Rebecca, starting in her childhood). It makes so much sense that she would be adverse to anyone taking her place in such an 'unladylike' way as I is doing and I like her (Danvers, not I). And you can probably guess who I am... :P

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