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for Fuickleberry Saves the World: The First Adventure

8/9/2010 c9 6GleeFreak-VampireChik
Lmao! I am litteraly laughing my ass off! I can't stop! Santana got her revenge six freaking years later! xD I love that! And it makes me need to go potty, at the fact that Rachel, Quinn, Puck, and Finn coulda died goin after them, and it was for REVENGE! Oh golly I love this! Your story is too funny! And I was watching the award show tonight too... I cheered everytime someone from Glee came on. And then yelled "Jane Lynch!" when she went on stage... I was peeved Selena Gomez won the best female actress thing... Lea deserved that. But I still like Gomez... kinda rambling now! lmao! Update soon
8/9/2010 c9 33GingerGleek
Haha, love it! :) absolutely amazing. And totally confusing. But mostly just hilarious. Fucking amazing, kay? :)
8/9/2010 c9 25Bladed Darkness
Well, I hope Matt hadn't taken a page out of Puck's book and was going commando...

Haha, Santana is such a grudge-holder, which I could so see.
8/9/2010 c9 deactivated1111
fucking awesome!
8/9/2010 c9 20distorted realities
9 chapters ago I said to myself, "Why did Santana kidnap Matt & Mike?"

LOL. I'm enjoying this way too much.
8/9/2010 c9 6Chase.M206
Please write more of them being high? Some Quinn/Rachel moments, Rachel swearing and Finn/Puck crying and having a heart to heart would be so friggin epic-ly awesome!
8/9/2010 c9 24mag721
lol Matt and Rachel should combine their "kinda psychic" tendencies and take over the world! lol
8/9/2010 c8 33GingerGleek
Haha, amazing as always. :) Love it!

I'm thinking of going back and reading 'World Famous Sugar Cookies', because I haven't yet ...

Hope you update soon!
8/9/2010 c8 24mag721
i love the randomness of this story! and it makes me laugh! yay! :D
8/8/2010 c8 27RedMagic
Ahh finally found the time to review.

I'm in complete love with this story, I dont think I've ever read anything fanfiction or not that has made me laugh as much as this.

The chapter was great I'm so glad they finally drugged the crazy christian lady, the woman was completley nuts!

also the ending question I really want to ask right now is How is Britt gonna feel when she realises Quinn and Rachel are practically half way initiated already?
8/8/2010 c8 9Spitfire Maguire
Great chapter! I love how this story is developing. I really liked this chapter. It had a little more action and less dialogue (although the dialogue has been vastly humorous) than previous chapters.

This was my favorite line!

"He felt a ray of sunshine explode over them and he thought for sure it was like God saying Good job, Hot Jews at finally having gotten on the right path to eventually creating an army of hot Jews."

I think after this you should write a future fic/sequel of Puckleberry and entitle it "An Army of Hot Jews." Just a suggestion!
8/8/2010 c8 samandy11
this story makes me insanely happy! can't wait for the next chapter. and YAY SEX!
8/8/2010 c8 deactivated1111
I'm in love with this story :)
8/8/2010 c8 25Bladed Darkness
Seriously, I don't know anyone that would turn down Brittany car sex (or, hell, sex with any of the four most awesome glee girls), except maybe for this one really repressed girl at my high school.

Yeah, let's see how letting Puck be in charge works out.
8/8/2010 c8 4platypus core
so is there going to be any finchel at all? because i'm really a finchel and a quick fan and the puckleberry is only okay because you're such a good writer
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