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5/13 c1 Guest
let me guess, poker pair?
4/5 c5 3marmag1
It's the 14th (Neah)!
8/15/2017 c16 5the3leonine
I love the idea of Tyki sitting outside of the room with his ear pressed to the door for like five minuets or how ever long just grumbling to himself and shushing any one who walked by.
And I really hope not too many of them die.
8/15/2017 c15 the3leonine
"already immune to Allens charm" nonsence Tyki. no one could ever be truly immune yo such a cutie.
Even grumpy ass Kanda fell for his charm enough to fight the war with him. Wouldn't it be nice if more of the exorcists when to Allens side because the order is pretty fricking evil and then only like one or two excocists stay on the Orders side, like that usless hateful waist of space, also known as Chaoji.
8/15/2017 c14 the3leonine
"some mind toucher should do the trick" Wow the Earl had no chill huh? Not even for his past self. What an extreme guy.
This was a super neat chapter. tbh I'm personally still kinda pissed at Cross, but willing to forgive and forget if he atones properly for what he did. And I really want to know what the order thinks of him at the moment, I mean he has not killed them three times and Lavi watched him attack the Earl after he sstabed the crap out of Crory
8/15/2017 c13 the3leonine
What the mind fuck? Fucking time traveling shit, what the hell. Yep well it's late enough now, and that is hard enough for me to understand that I'm just gonna sleep on that and see if it makes sense in the morning. I just have one question that I need answerd, did you know you where going to do this from the beginning? Because if yes that changes everything, but if no I can move on with my life a little bit easier. That is a question I have to know the answer to, like for real.
8/15/2017 c12 the3leonine
"You should be hugging me instead" Is that jealous i read Tyki? Are you jeaslous of a pillow? lol it's okay, be too my man, me too. Also I love that Tyki keeps trying to be the Noah of self restraint instead of pleasure for Allen. Poor baby is working so hard to be good to my cinnamon roll.
"the one in which his friends wouldn't have to diecalled it. Thank God Allen is such a sweety pie. And always will be despite what the Earl says, which begs the question WHO DOSE HE LOOK LIKE? Good thing I don't have to wait to find out.
8/15/2017 c11 the3leonine
"I'll do it for you" jk jk Imma Kiss you instead. Clasic Tyki.
And the Earl is tainting Allen, doing bad things to his personality. God I fear what will happen to Allen if he ends up killing someone on accident. I don't think he could forgive him self. Currently I think thats why Allen wants to destroy the order himself, so he can make sure no one dies.
8/15/2017 c10 the3leonine
Fucking god fucking damn it fuckimg hell, if i didn't hate that disgusting Hitler-esk man before I do now. Ugggggg why is Allen such a good person. I mean I'm glad Allen didn't kill him, but Jesus Christ, I wish SOME ONE would. Arg they had better realise how fricking angelic Allen is and treat him as such next time they see him, assuming they don't get murdered by a certain Tyki Mikk at that time.
8/14/2017 c9 the3leonine
Aaahh Tyki called it a date. That's all I needed from this chapter, that's it I'm done revive me next time.
8/14/2017 c8 the3leonine
"as if he where a fragile treature" Allen you are a fragile treasure, he had better teat you as such out there's a while fandom it there who is going to woop his ass.
"Reading a book" So that fool can read! Tell him to pick up a biology book every once in a while will ya!? It'll help save Allens poor ass some time in the feature too. Seriously, he's only ever prepared Allen properly once, and even then he didn't use enough lube if you ask me.
And CROSS! YOU BETRAYING LIEING BASTARED! What the hell? That is a part of the story I need to hear the rest of.
8/14/2017 c7 the3leonine
"We like to change things up sometimes" also code forThis ball was planned in three days, it was the best we could do, what the f* do you expect on such short notice?Im too young to drink" nonsense Allen you sixteen years old in 19th century... where ever. Dosen't actually matter every where he's old enough to drink historically speaking.
"Great idea. I didn't think of that" what an ironic line coming from those two.
Also poor Tyki, what a test of will to put him through. He's the Noah of pleasure after all not the Noah of self restraint. hats off to him for doing so well, even if he did take a little advantage of a drunk boy (who im not sure will remember this in the morning) Also, no lemon warning? I was so shook when Allen was suddenly Balls deep into the mans mouth. what a surprise. I mean I shouldn't be that surprised he asked for permission first, but still.
Well at least Tyki finally learned proper partner care for after the act. He is getting better, even if his love is a little rough right now.
Also Road has 0 misconceptions about what Allen fell down on. I know that she's actually older then every one else, but I'm still always surprised when she has a dirty side.
8/14/2017 c6 the3leonine
"prepare a ball in the next three days?" seriously Earl? You're luck Lulu Bell is fricking efficient, and that you can have all of your akuma act as guest because other wise this party would be botched as hell.
"I knew you where" are you kidding me Tyki? Allen don't be fooled by his sappynes. Any one could say they knew you where hungry at any point in time and be right. Old man Bookman could say he knew you where hungry ten minutes after you just ate and still be right. Don't let him have your hart so easily my sweet being.
Also it would have been grate if when Allen heard about the timeing of the ball to be like "kinda short notice for a ball don'cha think?on her captive" what happened to all that talk about being his unofficial protector not two line back? Man Road is a scary little fifty year old girl.
And just let me say; i find it hillarious that Allen is so sad about not being able to hate the rest of the Noah any more, it's just a funny thought to me, because I can totoly picture it, the boy who loves akuma and fights for the suffering of their souls is sad because he can't hate the Noah. now the only thing he has that he can keep hating is his ill informed ex master Cross, and even then I don't think he ever really hated him that much.
I am also a big fan of aggressively optimistic Tyki. Every body needs somebody like that
8/14/2017 c5 the3leonine
"For him to love him back" Hell yeah Tyki! That is the kind of Noah that deserves my precious Allen cinnamon roll! All aboard the poker pair train *toot toot*.
And oh boy Noah Allen winning all day and night. Lemme tell you what, I worried for him for a little bit and then went 'Would the 14th offer Tyki a weak smile? No probably not. Either way I don't have to wait to find out, so Hallelujah.
8/14/2017 c4 the3leonine
So I'm just gonna put this out there, Allen my boy, why is it that you insist on walking through random doors. That ark could send you to literally any where. What if it had opened up over a river of piranhas? What would you have done then? You would have died that's what.
"stay back!" YEAH! You tell him Allen, threaten him with that pointy rock of yours! Also Tyki dosen't seem to understand how much more likely Allen is to get an infection from his spit then from the rock.
"But Cross saidCross don't know shit boy. did he ever turn into a Noah? no. So shut up and let Tyki save you. God Damn.
Also why dose it sound like Tyki is surprised to see his marks still on Allens body? Dose he know nothing of human biology? Like I get that he was a hobo before and all, but damn Tyki, pick up a book every know and then, get the earl to teach you to read or something, geess. But at least he's loveing. Now.
Also what it the world are the Noah planning to do with two arks? Race them? see which can telepord faster? Play multie dimensional hide and seak? No no no no no nonononono! Wait I got it! The worlds most intense game of capture the flag! For real if that dosen't happen in this story I will wright a whole new fanfic in some kind of AU where I can make them do that. Awesome. Your story is super cute at the moment, so stoked that I get to read even more
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