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10/31/2020 c10 1Aakasha
i was listening to an station on my pandora and some songs came on that put in the mood for some bleach fics so i went looking through my favorited ones. this was fun to re read, for im pretty sure at least the third time. thanks for such a fun story! 3
7/14/2020 c10 Max83748261
How come you didn't show Toshiro fucking Ichigo?
8/9/2018 c10 IShallBeUnNamed
1/13/2017 c10 Guest
I was all happy about them having sex but you tricked me and skipped the kinky steamy sex
1/12/2017 c6 Guest
Why toshiro pls just stopping hurting this precious being
12/26/2016 c6 Guest
Poor Ichigo he fucking cried my 1st favorite is Toshiro but Ichigo cried like WHAT THE FUCK TOSHIRO!
12/13/2016 c4 SpicyMince96
HAHA love the idea of Renji and Shuhei in a relationship this made me chuckle, it's nice to see Toshiro actually stop to think about things, but he better hurry up or it will be too late!
12/13/2016 c3 SpicyMince96
Ohhhhhhh the jealousy is seeping in! I love it xD
12/13/2016 c2 SpicyMince96
Very good for your first ever lemon! Love these two together and I'm enjoying where the relationship is going just now!
12/13/2016 c1 SpicyMince96
I both love and hate this for different reasons, love the fact Ichigo is so in love and hate the fact Toshiro is so mean :( I hope he comes back around
10/30/2015 c10 Bs173
The story is amazing! Really, it was a good read, oh tho I hoped I read about the smex scene in the last chapter OTL I loved jelous Toshiro, so adorable and cute! Oh and loved Hisagi's presence in the story as Toushiro's friend, always had! I don't know why I just feel like there should be something between the two :D Well done with this fic, I loved it.
5/3/2015 c4 Zoro'sgirl
I really like this chapter
6/10/2014 c10 11Mandy0909
Wow, very nice. I really enjoyed this. :D
3/9/2014 c2 6Hana Verrier
toshi-chan is being a bitch, man! he so mean TT_TT
12/30/2013 c6 clarit
this is so angsty, do you enjoy making me cry? ;_;
I just wanna kick toshiro in the face and make ichi grimmjow's!
It's really good, though, as you can tell I'm very invested in this, though I'm team grimmy so I know i ain't gonna be happy in the end XD
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