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2/27/2011 c4 13forstarsandmoonshine
2/26/2011 c4 1Dimka's chick
Loved it! Glad to have you back
2/26/2011 c4 LilMe
Haha that was funny when Rose was talking about Dimka's junkie. Update soon! You're a really good writer by the way :)

P.S do u think u could put in more Domitri in the next chap?
1/18/2011 c3 georgie00
:) more plesase... please dont bring tasha into this she irks me!
1/15/2011 c3 5JacobSalvatoreBlack
This seems like the same chapter i read last time.
1/15/2011 c3 Do'B
im so,so,so,so very happy that things are not awkward between dimitri and rose,and that he can not stay away and wants to be with her more than ever. again i love your descriptive writing describing their love making. i wonder if lissa was again pulled into rose's head? serves her right-after all the times rose has been pulled into lissa's head with christian (hahahahahaha). though im hoping that lissa is understanding as to why rose did not tell her about dimitri and her relationship,as sometimes lissa can forget herself and let things slip and i sometimes think that lissa is not always very thoughtful to rose's personal needs/wants lissa can sometimes be a little self obsessed and while she is concerned for others she can not always see what is always right under her own nose-being with rose that is. im happy that dimitri is thinking and planning for their futrue, im also enjoyed reading how happy dimitri was that he was rose's first and that this is something that he will cherish forever as well realising that they are meant to be together ( i wonder if this is something that yeva has for seen?). i want for dimitri to tell his family about rose, i want for them to know about as much as possible about rose (maybe dimitri will take her to meet them-no he should take her to meet them). i love dimitri's family, i love how close,supportive and their love that they share for one another and of course their protectivness. i really love yeva she always brings brings mystery,intrigue and suspense to the story with her fortune telling riddles. now this all seems to good to be tru, every thing seems too perfect, so either 1)lissa will be as jelouse as hell and threaten to tell kirova and alberta in order to break them apart so as dimitri will remain as her guardian and of course lissa may not want to share rose (but of course dimitri would not stand for this kind of selfishness and would not agree to being lissa's guardian-maybe lissa secretly likes dimitri,she has in the past been unfaithful to her boyfreind-arron, this may be a good twist as then lissa and rose will fall out and who knows where the story may go? or 2)tasha comes in with all her evil compulsion, trying to break dimitri and rose apart-maybe tasha will team up with strigoi? to try kill rose and win dimitri or 3) there will be an attack and dimitri is turned? and i hope not as of course i would like to see dimitri and rose together..anyhow im sure you have already planned out your story so i will stop my ramblings. i do look forward to your next update :)
1/15/2011 c1 Do'B
omg.. how erotic i loved it...very descriptive,passionate. i loved what dimitri and rose shared, i love how graphic you made this couple (the most graphic i have read so far-i have read a few va stories on this site) im glad that dimitri and rose are together in your story. i read your summary and i hope that dimitri or rose are turned strigoi or ripped from one another. but this is the begining of your journey so i will wait and see what happens.
1/14/2011 c2 Megpie93
love it!
1/14/2011 c3 Megpie93
love the story.i love that rose and dimitri are together.update soon
1/13/2011 c3 2Rosie's Lil' Sis
I like the storyline but you seem to repeat some words quite a bit. I would be happy to beta your story if you are still looking for a beta reader. You can check out my Beta Reader Profile on my profile page. :)


Rosie's Lil Sis

1/1/2011 c3 1loventherussian17
great story i hope u update soon i wonder if lissa gonna get suckd in again and what gonna happen
12/20/2010 c3 2lovelylavern
Wow weird place to end a chapter bit...'oh well... Ud soon!
12/20/2010 c3 Purple Pulse
D: what was that for?

you cant just leave it there, there wasnt even a full stop lol.

cant wait for the next chappieee :D
12/7/2010 c3 1Dimka's chick
Awe! That was soooo man to stop there, right when they were getting hot and heavy! Plz post the rest soon... Living this story, soooo hot!
12/7/2010 c3 7Ladye Greene Sleves
Really enjoyed read is please update soon
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