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for Of Kith and Kin

4/18 c8 VryUnique
I would like to know why he came back and why he left.
4/18 c7 VryUnique
They seemed happy. Did he know he was moving?
4/18 c6 VryUnique
Did he call her Isabella in bed? Or when he was trying to keep his distance?
It sounds Edward is the one with the problem and Bella has no idea why.
Maybe there is a miscommunication.
Poor Alice, mental illness is an awful illness to deal with.
4/18 c5 VryUnique
Dying to know why he’s being an ass.
He should think of how unselfish and wonderful Bella is.
I assume he still cares for her since this is their story so maybe he’s pissed because
he would only like to see her carrying his baby. Which is stupid because he hasn’t
been there for 6 years. For all he knows he could have came home and found out
that Bella was living in another state with her husband and children.
He gave up the right to her. I can’t think there would be any romantic feelings left
for Bella after all this time since he didn’t even keep in touch. It is obvious he gave
her up a long time ago.
4/18 c4 VryUnique
Did they just kiss in high school or more?
4/18 c3 VryUnique
He should be sheepish that he doesn’t know anything about his family, not demanding answers. Ass!
4/18 c2 VryUnique
I wonder what happened to Alice….
Was Edward acting on something he didn’t in high school?
4/18 c1 VryUnique
Huh… I can’t wait to find out the back story.
2/27 c14 cctwilight
That was brutal for Bella. Why did Edward do that?
1/30 c9 ChrisDGoosey
No matter how many times I read this fab fic, this chapter always has me laughing. Brilliant
10/19/2022 c21 Luvntwilight
Absolutely loved this story!
7/24/2022 c21 31The13thVasilisa
This is the first time in years and years that I’ve stayed up to read through a whole fic in one night and now it’s 2.30am. Except it’s worse because it used to mean I’d be a little tired in seventh grade homeroom and now I have a job and a half I have to get up for. Fantastic writing. I really like the way you do dialogue, it feels very natural. I don’t think I’ve ever read any kind of romantic story with the female lead pregnant for most of it, and i don’t love contemplating pregnancy so I wasn’t expecting to enjoy at first. But you portrayed it very well i think.
Great job. :)
7/11/2022 c24 jdkata81
It was one of the best fic‘s I’ve ever read. It broke my heart, brought me to tears and made me laugh! Thank you for all the emotions.
7/11/2021 c9 2Dollybigmomma
So, am I the only one who keeps thinking, "Do these people stop to brush their teeth after that sugary dairy before going to bed?"
6/2/2021 c24 kezcullen
some exquisite writing have made me cry describing how it was.
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